Moshing The Roof On Vol 3

UK Thrashers

What happens when you combine some of the finest underground metal bands in the UK […]
By Oil Gonzalez
March 25, 2022
UK Thrashers - Moshing The Roof On Vol 3 album cover

What happens when you combine some of the finest underground metal bands in the UK and slam them altogether on one compilation album? Well, ask UK THRASHERS who have united 30 of the finest bands of this description and created a showcase of their ridiculous talents on this monumental album! To make this extra special, this includes many advanced tracks and those exclusive to this album! "Moshin The Roof On Vol 3" is in it's 3rd incarnation, and all in the name of charity.

HELLFEKTED -  "Death Of Iron" One third of Unearthed Artist Management's acclaimed trifecta, this track opened with what I thought was a rather melodic and classic metal riff. The further the song goes on, the stronger it becomes! The vocals are raw and heavy, guitars full sharp yet still with the just the right amount of dirt. This song is played at a much slower bludgeoning pace than most in the genre, with the intention to pound the listener into submission this way. It's clear this song has been produced to a high standard too. Nice work. BLACKLIST - "Blood Baptism" Another component in the trifecta, BLACKLIST are another high flyer in the UK underground metal scene. There's countless energy shifts here and a variety of compositional ideas. I found myself involuntary banging my head forwards, backwards, and sideways to this, so the Blackpool-based metallers have clearly done their job. Production wise, what really stands out to me is how well the guitar tone has been captured. More of that please!

THRASHERWOLF - "Bloodmoon" The final trifecta band. The song opens with a cinematic effect as well as a rather tasty bass solo. I particularly enjoyed the progressive edge to this song, especially with this extended intro. It's 3 minutes in before we're introduced to the vocalist. This song is more of a slow burner for me though as I didn't really get into it until around the 5 minute mark, when the band increase the speed and intensity with sections laden with bruising blast beats and ferocious tremolo picking guitar riffs. That really is the band's strength for me and they should play to that more! BEYOND SALAVATION - "Dead Behind The Eyes" The Manchester based thrashers laid waste to Bloodstock's New Blood Stage last year with a ferocious set! The band are known for their intense live performances, and I've found myself in the pit in one of their sets multiple times. They've captured that energy here, in what I feel is one of their more melodic tracks. They prove that you can be heavy whilst still playing in standard tuning also.

CATALYSIS - "The Wrath Of Lolth" Oddly enough, I discovered the Scottish based metallers through reviewing their latest EP through Metal Temple. I was thoroughly impressed and had high expectations. Just with the opening note, my eyes shot wide open. That guitar tone is absolutely killer during the introduction, supplemented elegantly by the subtle use of synth backing tracks. This song is definitely closer to a symphonic death metal track, in a similar vane to SEPTIC FLESH. But if this is the direction they want to go on, please please do so! This surprised me, in the best possible way! DISINHERIT - "Torment Torture Kill" The Northampton metallers are due to embark on some huge support slots, including opening for death metal legends DECAPITATED. After listening to this track, it's easy to see why. Dark, dirty and gritty, this song was designed to incite some serious pit activity with punishing breakdown after punishing breakdown. The guitars are crushing, whilst the vocalist quite frankly sounds demonic! Definitely more on the old school death metal end of the spectrum, but a welcome addition nonetheless.

KING ABYSS - "The Abduction Process" How on earth they managed to capture that demonic guitar tone in the open riff I'll never know, but that truly is a thing of beauty! The guitarist has some ridiculously skilled chops, whilst the vocals are consistently heavy and brutal. I particularly enjoyed the more traditional thrash metal elements in the middle of the song, but KING ABYSS have put their own stamp on the thrash metal genre here. Bravo! NECROPOLIS - "Alter Of Desparity" A solo artist with roots in South Africa, NECROPOLIS is up next. I found the use of the synths subtly playing in the background to be advantageous and added an extra layer of depth. Vocally, I'm not sure if the half-spoken/half-sung passages work, although some of the distorted vocals are downright brutal. The song is dominated by a simple yet effective guitar riff, summing up the thrash metal philosophy of less being more.

EXCURSIA - "Solace" I can recall seeing the young up and coming thrash metallers from South Wales live near my home town circa December 2019. I was impressed with the bands confidence, maturity, and their musical prowess. Listening to this song, I can see how they've evolved and progressed as a band. Overall, I get a very similar vibe to TRIVIUM in their "Ember To Inferno" days. I see so many interesting ideas and progressions, this song is deceptively complex. Yet this is underpinned by a raw and primal aggression. DEVILS HENCHMEN - "Built By Hate" The Merseyside metallers are a staple amongst the North West underground metal scene, and have been for several years despite their tender ages! This song certainly has a strong thrash metal core, but also incorporates many of the band's punk influences. "Built By Hate" is a short yet intense rollercoaster of a ride, with many more highs than lows. A band I've personally seen many times live before, I can assure you that they play with the same energy and raw primal grit as is on display here. No cliches or fancy bits, just straight up thrash metal goodness.

BLOOD OATH - "Infernum Diablos" A band who are certainly gaining some traction thanks to their intense live performances. From the opening riff - the simple yet brutal walking pattern - I thought "uh oh, I'm in trouble". The band slowly yet surely increase the intensity throughout. BLOOD OATH continuously kept me guessing throughout, and I couldn't predict where the song was heading. Another song that is deceptively complex with many hidden layers and musical ideas. GUTLOCKER - "Absence Of Chance" One of the more groovy offerings on this album, I particularly enjoyed the bands approach to thrash metal here. They demonstrate subtle complexity going far beyond hammering away at root notes. Vocally, it's hard not to admire the raw emotion and anguish on display, much like THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER. I can see this being a solid audience effective song if and when they do play it live.

TRASHSQUATCH - "Skeleton Men" A song that certainly pushes boundaries musically with experimental elements, especially with a combination of vocal styles. Whether it's spoken, rap, distorted, often with multiple layers, I'm impressed with how they pulled this off! It's clear to see MASTADON influences, especially with guitar runs derived from the Egyptian pentatonic scale. Another song leaning towards a progressive-thrash sub genre. ACID FOR BLOOD - "Death By A Thousand Shots" Just from the unsettling and dissonant guitar riff, I knew that ACID FOR BLOOD weren't here to play games. The first and so far only instrumental song on this compilation, you always run the risk of quickly exhausting musical ideas without a dedicated vocalist to hold everything together. However, in this 4 and a half minute onslaught, ACID FOR BLOOD throw their entire arsenal at the wall and demonstrate an admirable level of sophistication and structural complexity in what is an instrumental thrash metal masterclass.

TEMPASHOT - "Horrorshot" Overall, I got a vibe similar to TESTAMENT, and musically it sounds like a good solid thrash metal song. Sadly, the rapping sort of vocals whilst bash and bold didn't work for me. I'm sure others would appreciate it but I think it's just too out of place. HELGRIND - "Last Dance" A crossover of thrash and death metal, the blend of technical prowess and balls-to-the-wall intensity is admirable. I think the band's drummer must be a cyborg or have steel ball bearings in his/her joints in order to sustain that level of attack! There's some delightfully complex guitar riffs too, all produced to an excellent standard. Definitely one of my favourites so far. MADICIDE - "Carnivore Incarnate" A song that screams of old school 80s era thrash metal, such are the production values in this track. I'm definitely getting a SLAYER-esque vibe, especially with the Tom Araya style yells. The rhythm section holds down a solid groove, allowing the guitars to be unleashed in a Kerry King style solo. A solid effort.

RIPTIDE- "Inhuman Race" Another band who made their Bloodstock Open Air debut last summer, and if this track is anything to go off, that certainly isn't going to be their last appearance! This song just oozes of primal rage and anger, one that's incited many chaotic circle pits. Whether it's Adam's primitive shrieks behind the mic, the unadulterated wall of sound provided by all of the musicians, or the demonic guitar solo, this really is one that should be in your playlists! CHIMP IN A BOX - "Sixes" A band I was introduced to around 9 months ago. If I'm honest, I listened to one song and I wasn't keen. I even questioned why they were on this thrash metal compilation album, from a stylistic point of view. But oh my, how I was proven wrong after listening to this, and how foolish I was to write them off so quickly! I'm getting strong influences from the late 90s nu metal era, especially with the crushing and punishing grooves, and the instantly memorable vocals. Overall, this is just a fun and catchy song and I was totally wrong for dismissing this band!

IN WHICH IT BURNS - "The Eyes Of My Enemy" Raw and punishing, the South Wales thrash metallers weren't here to play games when they wrote this monster! The production could be cleaner and sharper in parts, but in many ways, I think the raw production works in their favour, as it provides an accurate preview of how the band would sound live. Nothing but hard hitting no-nonsense thrash-death metal! DAY OF WRATH - "It Fell From The Sky" Sadly, I think this is the weakest song of the album. The spoken style lyrics simply didn't work for me, whilst the production feels rushed. SCARRED BY TRUTH - "B.L.E.E.D" As much as I love the speed of thrash metal, I'm sucker for a song with a good punishing neck snapping groove. This number by SCARRED BY TRUTH meets that description, whilst combining some tasty melodic guitar riffs, varying vocal styles, and an insane solo in one very elegant package.

MORE DEATH AND HORROR - "Hellbound" Definitely one of the more experimental songs of the album, it's like the duck-billed platypus of metal sub genres, not quite fitting into any. The ever-prominent synths in the background almost give the song a lounge like feel, something I'm not sure I've ever heard in metal before. The guitarist seems to have a mind of their own, randomly noodling away, yet this musical chaos works. I'm enjoying the consistently heavy mid-range growl throughout, giving the song a melodic-death metal vibe. A pleasant surprise indeed. HEAVY CLAW - "Visible Invisible" Sadly, another song that just feels rushed. I can appreciate the varied textures and musical ideas on display, but unfortunately the vocals don't work for me. DEAD BEFORE MOURNING - "Red Mist And Adrenaline" This was a slow burner for me as I initially wasn't sold, but the song seemed to go stronger as it went on. I particularly enjoyed the ANTHRAX and EXODUS feel to the song, that early 80s primitive thrash metal sound! The guitars are ridiculously catchy too; that groove's going to stuck in my head for days!

SIDEWINDER BC - "Last Orders" Another song leaning heavily towards the groove metal end of the spectrum. Well, for the first minute or so. Then the band decide to take the speed and intensity up several notches, varying the attack on your ears...and neck. The pendulum swifts between blistering fast to punishing breakdown multiple times, making for marvelous contrasts. BLOODMORES - "Fuel For The Fire" BLOODMORES have built a reputation for blending technical proficiency with balls-to-the-wall intensity. Many of these elements are still on full display here, whilst this song incorporates more of the band's early 00s metalcore influences. This includes guitar passages that would make your eyes water with complexity, and crushing breakdowns. Vocalist Alex sounds as brutal as ever in one of his stronger vocal performances. DEVASTATOR - "Merciless Onslaught" DEVASTATOR are up next! I saw this band live in October of last year and observed the numbers in the crowd who were singing along to their tracks. I'm sure this song is another that will continue to grow that fan base. An unholy union of black and thrash metal.

IMPERIUM -  "Decieved" After only a few seconds, I was drawn to the high production values in this melodic thrash number. Everything felt sharp, crisp, and overall just an aesthetic wall of sound. That solo is a delight too! Another gem from Unearthed's ridiculously stacked roster. ELIMINATION - "Icon Of Despair" Possibly saving the best 'til last! From that opening arpeggio, I became lost in a trance. That was designed to lead you into a false sense of security before unleashing hell with a tidal wave of thrash metal brutality. I can feel so much emotion and anguish in this song, it really is a thing of beauty. The progression of musical ideas is admirable in yet another deceptively complex song. Whilst the quality and production of each song will vary drastically, I've no doubt that there's something for everyone to appreciate on this monumental release!

8 / 10









"Moshing The Roof On Vol 3" Track-listing:

HELLFEKTED -  "Death Of Iron"
BLACKLIST - "Blood Baptism"
THRASHERWOLF - "Bloodmoon"
BEYOND SALAVATION - "Dead Behind The Eyes"
CATALYSIS - "The Wrath Of Lolth"
DISINHERIT - "Torment Torture Kill"
KING ABYSS - "The Abduction Process"
NECROPOLIS - "Alter Of Desparity"
EXCURSIA - "Solace"
BLOOD OATH - "Infernum Diablos"
GUTLOCKER - "Absence Of Chance"
TRASHSQUATCH - "Skeleton Men"
ACID FOR BLOOD - "Death By A Thousand Shots"
TEMPASHOT - "Horrorshot"
HELGRIND - "Last Dance"
MADICIDE - "Carnivore Incarnate"
RIPTIDE- "Inhuman Race"
CHIMP IN A BOX - "Sixes"
IN WHICH IT BURNS - "The Eyes Of My Enemy"
DAY OF WRATH - "It Fell From The Sky"
HEAVY CLAW - "Visible Invisible"
DEAD BEFORE MOURNING - "Red Mist And Adrenaline"
SIDEWINDER BC - "Last Orders"
BLOODMORES - "Fuel For The Fire"
DEVASTATOR - "Merciless Onslaught"
IMPERIUM -  "Decieved"
ELIMINATION - "Icon Of Despair"

UK Thrashers Lineup:

Various Artists

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