Sal LoCoco
Sworn Enemy
Back in September 2022, I went to the Anthrax 40th anniversary show at the O2 Academy in Birmingham. Shockingly, it wasn't the dulcet tones of Joey Belladonna that had me transfixed, nor was it the rambunctious charm of Municipal Waste's Tony Foresta that grabbed me; it was the glorious ferocity of Sworn Enemy and the infectious savagery of the band's vocalist Sal LoCoco that mesmerised me and left me gobsmacked. The sheer brutality that emanated from Sal's lungs could've rivalled the force of a fleet of jet engines, so being naturally drawn to the more aggressive, violent side of life, I jumped at the opportunity to interview him on behalf of Metal Temple.

With a set of pipes on him that could melt your face off quicker than acid, Sal is a gentle giant - coming in at an impressive 6ft 4" - in real life and comes across as a man of pensive thought and few words, and someone worth listening to when he's got something to say. His hardcore prowess speaks volumes without him having to say too much, and his passionate music speaks for itself. So, how does a band that cut its teeth in hardcore over twenty-five years ago continue to grow? What gets a hardcore vocalist riled up enough to metaphorically break stuff in his music? And is life always on the loud side of things?  Read on to find out how the band has evolved, the influences behind the music, and to dig in to find out more about the man behind twenty-five year of Sworn Enemy's uncompromising audial violence.

Leanne "Metal Maiden" Evans, Editor

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