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Kissing Lilith

The breaking point for me was when her sister was “kidnapped by drug dealers” and while she was also trying to convince me that “the house of blues manager” wanted to talk to me about a music project I had just announced. I realized that it was all one lie after another and I didn't want to be with someone who was only going to hold me back and add extreme unnecessary stress to my life.
June 7, 2024

Kissing Lilith

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KISSING LILITH are a brand new Alt Metal band from Cleveland, Ohio who have released their first single “Lipstick and Gasoline” on June 1st 22024 with promises of big things to come in the future. Today Metal Temple’s Jojo “Rocket Queen” Hamilton speaks with Gavin Kerr to talk about the past, the present, and the future.


Hi Gavin, it’s great to have this opportunity to talk with you again. Thank you for giving me your first interview as KISSING LILITH.

 Thank you for having me! This is a very exciting project for everyone involved and I'm honoured people are interested in it. ~  Gavin


As we’ve been friends for 5 years I’ve had the privilege and the honour of watching your career in metal unfold. Can you tell me how it all started? Where did you discover your talent for singing and your passion for music?

 It's been a long journey that's really flown by over the past 7 or so years now. I was 17 when I started my first band, DYING DESOLATION, and have been in bands back to back since.  I first discovered my passion for music at a very young age. My parents were 17 and 19 when they had me so i grew up listening to a lot of KORN, LIMP BIZKIT, AVRIL LAVIGN, and BON JOVI as influences. As I grew up I got into rap and rock groups such as EMINEM, LINKIN PARK, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, and NWA.  I would say the passion came very long before the actually talent. While I've been singing all my life and have been in bands for a bit over 7 years, id say I’ve only been singing well for maybe the past 3 or 4 years.  ~ Gavin


Gavin you have had a bit of a roller-coaster ride in your musical career in a short number of years, going from frontman and singer of DYING DESOLATION, releasing a self titled debut album & of course the “Paroxysm” EP. Can you tell me what went wrong between you and the rest of the band? Why did you guys decide to revoke the self titled debut album?

 The long and short of it came down to creative differences and they just wanted someone who they felt was a better performer and fit for their image of the band. The decision to pull the first album was something we had decided prior to my departure, as we felt it didn't hold up to par with our EP. I wanted to keep it as a piece of our growth and history but agreed to pulling it and re-recording selected songs later.  ~ Gavin


Gavin you spent 3 years in another band, GHOSTATIC, how did you find that in comparison to singing in DYING DESOLATION? Was the change of position easy to adjust to or did you find the change to be difficult in any way?

 It was definitely different. One big chance was going from being the oldest in the band by a couple years to being significantly the youngest. It was nice being around people who had more experience and knowledge of the music scene, however I felt a lot of the smaller fundamentals were lacking. Things like merch setups, time and band management, communication, and overall enjoyment seemed to be lacking. It felt more like a business than a band and i didn't care for certain members' egos and senses of entitlement. For the music itself and performing live, I always enjoyed it. I absolutely love playing live, interacting with crowds and audience members, and being on stage. The music was alright for me. I appreciated it for what it was, understood why people enjoyed it, but for me personally it was difficult to get into as much as i would have liked. As far as going from a frontman to a bassist, I loved being able to not have to worry about fronting a band or vocals for a while but I also felt more could have been done performance wise by the frontman and that i was tip-toeing between trying to put on the show i wanted without stepping on his toes or taking the spotlight. I understand if that comes off as egotistical or even douchey but that's genuinely how I felt. ~ Gavin


In 2021 you released a solo EP “Little Black Book.” This was a stark contrast to your previous works Gavin. How do you derive your inspirations to create such diverse musical compositions? Tell me what your thinking process is when your writing new material?

 Little Black Book” was defeated more of a personal project. It wasn't something I ever planned to be popular and is often taken on and off steaming platforms because I don't always pay the bill to keep it on. It was really just a fun little side project I wanted to make for myself, close friends, and family to listen now and again throughout the years and hear a piece of my thoughts in that time of my life. My mind is always all over the place in types of arts, techniques, and genres. That was just the genre I wanted to play with at the time. ~ Gavin


Gavin you’ve now formed Kissing Lilith and released your first single on June 1st 2024. This song “Lipstick and Gasoline” is a powerful and hard hitting song about a toxic relationship that you yourself went through. Do you care to elaborate on your experience that led to such an amazingly well constructed song being created?

 It's really a crazy story that I'll have to take the time to write or video record but the gist of the story is this: I was with a woman who from the moment we met had manipulated and gaslit me Into being with her. Anytime I had an opportunity that didn't involve her she talked me out of it or sabotaged the plans to fall through. She had impersonated ex’s, family members, and even higher ups in the music industry using fake profiles and phone numbers to gaslight me into loving her, “saving” her from situations that were smoke and mirrors, and trying to engrain herself in my life with a plethora of different types of contracts. The breaking point for me was when her sister was “kidnapped by drug dealers” and while she was also trying to convince me that “the house of blues manager” wanted to talk to me about a music project I had just announced. I realized that it was all one lie after another and i didn't want to be with someone who was only going to hold me back and add extreme unnecessary stress to my life. She then faked a pregnancy for 8 months. Since we were no longer living together and i refused to see or speak with her i wasn’t able to see if she was actually pregnant or not. She went through with a baby shower that had both of our friends and family attending. She wore a fake stomach showing a very large tummy until the day after the shower when she “lost” the baby suddenly, along with all of the stomach and weight.

There's a lot more to this story but that ex is and will remain unnamed by myself. The lyrics came directly from that year and a half of experiences. Cody had composed the instrumental to which I then wrote the lyrics. After rewriting the chorus in the car completely, we edited the rest of the song here and there to make everything fit nicely.  Jordan Gannon (previous drummer of DYING DESOLATION) is the one who wrote and performed the drum parts for the song. He did an absolutely killer job and we couldn't be happier with what he did. Recording with Brandon Folsom of Folsom Studios was an absolute breeze. He did so much prep for us as far as tones and channels go. We were go go once we all got together and were able to just knock the song out with no issues. Brandon got the master mix back to us in a day or two with only a couple redrafts before everything was finalized.  ~Gavin


Can you tell me Gavin, what are you & Cody have planning for KISSING LILITH? How do you guys hope to shape and expand the band? Are you working on more songs to create a debut album or EP? Will “Lipstick and Gasoline” set a theme for an album or EP?

 The biggest thing we want to do is have fun and show off other artists. Anytime We bring someone aboard we tell them “Hey, this is our project but this part that you're working on is yours as well.” We work with people who we know will shine with their own talents as well as blend with ours.

Right now we're focused on releasing singles regularly and finding the rest of the band as we do so so we can play live shows. As far as EPs and Albums go, this will mostly likely be the first song of an album or EP that will be released mainly as singles to allow focus on each song and steady pace of content release. The overall theme is undecided but a couple solid thoughts are in the air and the image/tone is definitely set by this first song.  ~ Gavin


What kind of past times do you have when your not creating? How do you relax after a long day in the studio? Do you have any hobbies outside of the music side of life?

 I enjoy various types of art on my own time. Writing, painting, dancing mostly. I workout often and cook a lot. I try to get outside as much as I can as well. My girlfriend and I go on regular dates and little trips as well. I don't live a very relaxing life but I would say it's very fulfilling and overall stress free. ~ Gavin


You're very interactive on social media Gavin, I find it to be very stimulating to see bands like yours interacting and engaging with the public attracting attention and gaining new followers. Do you find this to be a good way to gain new fans and followers? What advice would you give to another band/artist about reaching out to the public to increase your fan base?

 Honestly, it's exhausting and stimulating. Staring at a screen, typing all the time, sifting through posts and trying to make sure you don't miss anyone sucks. However, I absolutely love meeting and talking with new people. I don't think it's the best way to get the most fans the fastest but I do believe it's the best way to get the highest quality fans. I made a lot of very genuine connections with really wonderful people who not only I care about but they care about my project as well.

I'd rather have 100 fans who interact with posts, come to shows, and bave a great time hanging out and chatting with myself and the band than 10k fans who just sit there, like, and scroll. I want to make a difference and make connections with real people around the world. I don't want my socials flooded with bots and NPCs. ~ Gavin


Do you think you will be performing live shows with KISSING LILITH within the next couple of years? Where would you like to go if you guys decided to tour? Fantasy question, if you could tour anywhere in the world where would you go?

 Absolutely! We will be playing live shows with huge energy, possible pyrotechnics, lights, smoke machines, ect. Hopefully by next summer at the latest as we are still writing, recording, and releasing music while we seek out the final members of the rest of the band. We will definitely be doing small tours around the US and local states and would LOVE to get over to Europe when possible for us. I personally would want to tour in Australia as we already have some fans down under and I have some amazing friends down there I've been dying to meet in person! ~  Gavin

How long do you spend on average composing a new song? What comes first when creating, is it the lyrics or the music? Do you write then compose the music? Talk me through the process you go through Gavin?

 It’s really different for each song. A lot of the songs we’ve written so far have been Cody writing guitar parts and then I write the lyrics after. For “Lipstick and GasolineCody had written a guitar part to which I wrote the lyrics for, then i wrote a new chorus, then he wrote a new guitar part and we sorta kept going back and forth with these ideas until everything slowly but surely fit in place into something we’re both extremely proud of today. ~ Gavin


You're so full of determination Gavin, with a passion for the music and the drive to see it through. What do you hope to achieve in the future as an artist in a grueling industry where only the strong survive? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

 Honestly at the end of the day my biggest goal is to be able to put food on the table and a roof over my head with just my music. Even bigger, I would love to be able to support my future family fully off of making music and performing. I love to entertain more than anything and to be able to do that as a sustainable career would be an absolute dream come true. I see myself getting there with this project in the next 5 years.


Gavin I’d like to thank you very much for performing this interview with me today for Metal Temple. Congratulations on the release of your first single “Lipstick and Gasoline” and may I take this opportunity to wish you all the success for the future!

 Thank you again Jojo for having me. It’s always a pleasure and I hope to talk again soon! Cheers!

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