Go Ahead and Die, Bodybox, and more at 89th Street - OKC

89th Street (Oklahoma City, United States )

January 24, 2024

Go Ahead And Die, Bodybox, Second Shooter, Self Inflicted, Medicine Horse
GO AHEAD AND DIE's "Unhealthy Mechanisms Tour" ripped through 89th Street in Oklahoma City on […]
March 13, 2024

GO AHEAD AND DIE's "Unhealthy Mechanisms Tour" ripped through 89th Street in Oklahoma City on Wednesday, January 24, 2024. With support from BODYBOX, SECOND SHOOTER, and Oklahoma's own SELF INFLICTED and MEDICINE HORSE, the crowd was in for a true metal show — the proper way to party on a school night. The tour is in support of their sophomore album "Unhealthy Mechanisms" out via Nuclear Blast and lasts until March 24, 2024.

The legendary Max Cavalera, vocalist and guitar player for the band, said this tour would "make metal dangerous again." He wasn't even stretching the truth. Along with bandmates Igor Amadeus Cavalera, also on guitar and vocals, plus drummer Johnny Valles, and bass player Jackie Cruz, the band gave their intimate Wednesday night crowd a night of moshing and pure metal greatness to help them get over the hump of the busy work week. This is the type of show you'd regret missing even if you had to stay up too late and wake up too early the next morning. Fans on this night weren't afraid to let loose and get themselves moving, especially when Max called for more moshing.

Death metal slam band BODYBOX was direct support and offered up all the heavy. These Florida guys knew how to throw down and didn't let up once they got started. It was pure madness. Their mosh pits aren't for the weak and neither is their music. They really are the perfect band to help GO AHEAD AND DIE make metal dangerous again. You know the riffs are hitting when you have to make the "stank face" through the set. You know the face I'm talking about.

Extreme metal band SECOND SHOOTER hit the stage and took everyone by surprise. By now we all know that female metal vocalists can be just as brutal as the men and Melanie Johnson is here to make sure you don't forget it. The band played an impressive set and several fans could be seen hitting up their merch booth after the set. They definitely left an impact on Oklahoma City with their powerful vocals and intense musicianship.

Oklahoma sludge band SELF INFLICTED showed what Oklahoma heavy music is all about and the chance to open up for a show like this saw them putting their all into the set. It was their last show with their current drummer, however, and the band have recently opened up auditions for a new one. Doom metal band MEDICINE HORSE has been making waves in the Oklahoma music scene, and elsewhere, for a while now and having them open up this show was a brilliant move. They're an extremely talented group that manage to be heavy and ethereal at the same time.

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