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The city of Niterói (RJ, Brazil) is widely known for being a nice place to live, having Universidade Federal do RJ (UFF) doing a pivotal part on its economy (along the commercial appeal as well), and for its nice beaches (forget Copacabana and Ipanema, because Camboinhas is far better). But it gave to the country (and the world) Metal acts as TAURUS, UNLIVER, and others. TELLUS TERROR is from the city and was about to be a great name on Brazilian scene when they released “EZ Life DV8” on 2014, and opened shows of BEHEMOTH and BELPHEGOR, but strangely, the band became silent. Now, 10 years after it, the sextet is back with “DEATHinitive Love AtmosFEAR”, and such thing caused many questions, and that are done and answered here.
June 21, 2024

Between Death, Love and Fear

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Well, the first thing is to thank you for the opportunity for this interview. On 2014, with the release of “EZ Life DV8” and shows, it seemed that you were soon be in the same level of recognition of acts as KRISIUN and NERVOSA in the scene, but then silence. Can you tell us what caused such thing? And can we assume that the COVID-19 pandemic delayed your plans?

Felipe: The easiest thing on planet is to find people who can play their instruments (which is just the basic of the basic), but it is almost impossible to find people that understands that working with music is way beyond doing complex riffs and stuff. We all need to learn how to work on many other things that are really necessary to make the band get to another levels of recognition, and the band in the past did not have the right people for the job in my opinion. After the release of “EZ Life DV8”, we had some very good shows and opportunities to tour, but we had to cancel due to many issues with some of the past members, and formation changes. With that time line gap, I took the time to build my Studio (Tellus Studio), to be the band HQ to start producing and recording, rehearse etc… For the new album, instead of going to another studio to record. Covid-19 was an unpleasant part on this delay as we all stood apart from working together to bring in new material to release. It was also good, because now with the old members departed, i could rearrange the band in an unique music style Symphonic Death/Black Metal, and present the public with something more tangible too.

Still about that year: even being opening act for BEHEMOTH and BELPHEGOR, there were tons of gossips, some related with TELLUS TERROR (not all of them, of course). Were them a part of such ‘hiatus’ for the band?

Felipe: Doing those shows had nothing to do with the old members departing from the band one by one. I respect all religions and stuff, but I am inclined to the satanic part of the art than anything else, which the past drummer, past guitars etc… were not so down with evil themes. They were just too shiny and happy to my taste when it comes to music.

”EZ Life DV8” was officially released on Europe, wasn’t it? If Yes, how was the answer back then to it? And looking to it now, do you think all the goals you had with the album were achieved?

Felipe: It was very good! From that distribution came many opportunities to tour etc… Which we did not go unfortunately. The goals would have been achieved if we had toured. The album itself represented TELLUS TERROR at its very own beginning but if it was for only me, it would have been way different. It would have been way darker and symphonic, with that evil aura that I love. BUT still is an official release and I have to bear with it LOL 😊

Besides TELLUS TERROR seemed to be stopped, Felipe (the band’s singer) was working hard to build Tellus Studio, and besides some can think of it as a ‘personal place’ for the band, many acts rehearsed, recorded albums and videos there (as NERVOCHAOS, MALVINA, SAVANT and BORKNAGAR). So can we assume the studio is a separate thing of the band, or is it a extension of it?

Felipe: The primary idea of Tellus Studio was to attend just TELLUS TERROR, but the project became huge in no time, and I have decided to record and proce other bands there too. That´s when Caio Mendonça joined the studio team to be the audio technician responsible for the recordings, and so far we are producing many metal artists there. It is very satisfying as we work their music as if it were ours too! We put a lot of passion and attention to everybody´s work

I can be dealing with painful thorns, but the band’s lineup changed a lot. From the band’s lineup of 2014, only Felipe and Ramon are on the band now (and Rafael, who’s back on the drums). Don’t you feel kind of uncomfortable with such changes? And how the new guys entered the band?

Felipe: Ramon disbanded too (he is living too far away from Niteroi nowadays). I feel great in a way because now the band is professionally productive, and not only a musicians gathering to post pretty pics at Instagram (I call them Madonna Metals). From the original formation I am the only remanescent (Oman was the first drummer). From the previous members I miss Ramon in the band, and I like as a good friend Chebec, Thiago Rafael, Ali Ahmed, Beatriz Escobar and Mike Nill. Some old members I just do not figure them out, for example, One was taking a lot of medicines to control his burnout sickness and almost punched Ramon because of 4 slices of cheese (That’s right, you read that right), the other one was silent all the time, and lost interest in the band as he was always complaining about everything (like a grumpy old nanny), but he was a sleazy fuck who never did anything, the other one was also a medicine addict, that was creating chaos within the band, making up things about me that I never said to the band, till the day I put him in front of the whole band to tell the truth and he was caught lying in front of everybody, and I never spoke to him again from that day until he did leave the band by his own will, the other one did smoke marijuana in my house in front of my 2 daughters that were just kids back at the time, and I had a discussion with him, and he left, recently i expelled from the band 2 members (these 2 got the title of the only ones being expelled from TELLUS TERROR history LOL) for being constantly chaos creators, and for stating that TELLUS TERROR was nothing at all and their own bands were fantastic and better than TELLUS TERROR, so I told them to get out and stay there where they like and stop wasting my time

Nowadays I choose the band members personally, to avoid the mistakes with the lessons learned, and the guys that are on the band now, they are fantastic players, and fantastic hardworkers that understands that play the instrument is just 20% of what is needed

Now let’s talk about “DEATHinitive Love AtmosFEAR”. Again: you were silent for years, but it doesn’t mean that you weren’t working on the album. When the first ideas about it came to you? And how is the writing of the songs process? Only one works on the ideas, or everyone can contribute?

Felipe: I always like to write about common things to everybody, and put them on a dark/evil/vampiric perspective, and the love theme is just great even on Extreme Metal scene. This is what driven me to write about it.

There were changes on the sonority, because on “DEATHinitive Love AtmosFEAR”, there’s a strong Symphonic Death/Black Metal side on it. But as well, there are clear links with “EZ Life DV8” (as heard on “Brain Technology, Pt.2 (...and Humanity Have Feelings No More...)”). Looking today to “EZ Life DV8”, do you think that the fans can assume that “DEATHinitive Love AtmosFEAR” as a continuity of the previous of album, or a total new effort, or both things?

Felipe: Not at all. “EZ Life DV8” is the band beginning, but it does not reflect what I plan to change on the band. “DEATHinitive Love AtmosFEAR” still is not 100% of the goal to be achieved, but it is on its way to become what the final product will be. Many songs from previous members were thrown in the thrash and many things were used. I will forever be thankfull to Danilo, Thiago Rafael, Ramon, for being a huge part of some of the songs in the album

One thing stays the same: on “EZ Life DV8”, the main concept of the lyrics was the birth of the universe and the end of life. One “DEATHinitive Love AtmosFEAR” there’s another one. Please, explain it to us.

Felipe: The new album talks about love in it´s different stages in human life span cycle, in its darkest and freighten ways. Expect to resemble something in your lives as you do read the lyrics if your age corresponds to the chronology of the album

On “EZ Life DV8”, you worked with Fredrik Nordström, Fernando Campos and Henrik Udd on the studio, but now you opted for having Caio Mendonça. Why such option? And do you felt kind of ‘free’ due the recordings and everything else being done at Tellus Studios?

Felipe: I did create the studio to be a reference in Brazil when it comes to extreme music recordings, in the physical structure, equipment and audio technician. Here we have top notch equipment and labor, to create high quality audio and video productions that even bands from outside of Brazil (ONSLAUGHT for example, we did the whole mix of their most recent album that celebrates 40 years of the band existence) comes to here. We do not need to travel far away to have high quality anymore. My intention is to produce many things from TELLUS TERROR non stop from now on.

Back in the past, the main concept of the lyrics was the birth of the universe and the end of life On “EZ Life DV8”, And on “DEATHinitive Love AtmosFEAR” there’s another one. Please, explain it to us.

Felipe: I KNOW it will be a long text, but it will explain in details everything song by song (Sorry for the long text below)

“DEATHinitive Love AtmosFEAR”

(A Conceptual and Chronological Album)

Track List and lyrics summary:

1. “Amborella’s Child” - Birth

This song portrays the unique moment that no one is able to remember, which is the feeling of hearing our mother’s voice while we are still being formed in her womb, our first true love. We don’t recognize it at first, but with maturity, we soon understand the value it has.

On the other hand, it also addresses the despair of a mother who knows how great is the road of pain and suffering that her seed will travel throughout her life.

Amborella is the only ancient species of flowering plant that has survived 130 million years and still managed to ensure the proliferation of new species, and populated our planet with its beauty and history of struggle and survival.

That’s why the name “Amborella’s Child”.

2. “Absolute Zero” - 6 to 10 years

- This song talks about the childhood phase in which crushes attack us and leave us extremely confused, simply because of someone’s poorly explained desire, unrequited love, sleepless nights dreaming awake due to what we don’t know what it is and what there’s no way to reach.

The famous doubt about how long time has, and how soon I can have what I want.

3. “Darkest Rubicon” - 12 to 16 years old

It’s usually the phase of the first date, first kiss, first sexual attraction in fact, and in these lyrics it addresses a story about a teenager’s desire to relate to an older woman, understanding that she is what attracts him, and makes you want to discover that kind of carnal love.

The title of the lyrics alludes to what is left behind and will never return, which is the innocent desire of a child to introduce love, which now gives way to carnal desire in fact. Darkest Rubicon (Rubicon is considered a point of no return. Something that does not come back and cannot be reversed)

4. “Psyklone Darxide” - 17 to 22 years old

A moment in life when there is a great chance of signing a vow of love and fidelity with someone, wanting to enter a new phase, which fights with our hormones and makes us want to party, cheat, drink, go to clubs, etc. ... It’s a phase where we love someone desiring other people, and our souls don’t care about anything.

5. “Cry Me a River” - 23 to 27 years old

Imagine you entering the young adult stage, where you managed to establish a relationship for a few years, and when you least realize it, the person no longer feels anything for you, and you learn to deal with the pain of abandonment in the relationship.

Moments when you experience unwilling, unrequited kisses, and even the strength of the vows was not enough to maintain the relationship. This song brings that feeling and story, where even after dead inside with the abandonment of our love, it says that those who don’t love are already dead inside.

6. “Shattered Murano Heart” - 30 to 32 years old

Everyone deserves a second chance, and these lyrics portray the strength of those who didn’t give up on love, and tried again, but who fight against an obstacle that life throws at us as we get older, which is the passing of life itself unnoticed while we are too busy making other plans with work and care in maintaining the house etc...

This story portrays a woman who fell out of love because she felt secondary in the life of a man dedicated to work and his responsibilities.

It’s easy to live when your eyes are closed
It’s easy to live when your mind is asleep

7. “Abyssphere” - 34 to 40 years old

In this sequence, we portray the perspective of the woman from the story of the previous song, who went back to the relationship after that whirlwind of feelings of being secondary in the guy’s life due to his work. She still feels betrayed by the guy having had another woman when they were separated, and she lives an internal conflict to hide that feeling of hatred in an attempt of a few more frustrated years trying to save the relationship destroyed by herself.

A hidden feeling of love imprisonment that is destroying the two’s opportunity to be truly happy.

8. “Brain Technology Pt.2 (...And Humanity have feelings no more...)” - A separate tale

This song has nothing to do with the context of the album. It is the sequel to “Brain Technology Pt.1” (which is present on the first “EZ Life DV8” album), and the idea is for the story of this song to be told throughout the albums. We estimate to finish counting in Part 4 (which would be the future fourth studio album).

Even though this song has its own story outside the context of the albums, it tells its part with some influences from the respective album that each part participates in.

9. “Sickroom Bed” - 42 to 48 years old

The story of an adult man, who is depressed and closed to new love. A guy who simply lost that essence of knowing how to love even missing someone, due to so many heavy and painful experiences he lived.

Certainly a sick moment of depression lying isolated on his bed in his room, totally sloppy, letting the sparkle of life slip away. A love block has been created in your mind that only time can heal.

10. “DEATHinitive Love AtmosFEAR” - 50 to 58 years old

How can you believe that I love you, if I said that to that woman you hate?

As the title of the song itself says, DEFINITE DEATH OF THE ATMOSPHERE OF FEAR OF LOVE, and talks about a Man who knew how to open his heart of stone, hurt and wounded, to love again. However, nothing will be as before in the period of the body and mind and soul and heart not hurt and injured, and the sequels are reported in the sick and unbalanced way in which the inner self of this Man deals with this new desire to love. What was fantasy and beauty is now taken over by cold, troubled thoughts and feelings, always implying that at any moment this love will end too, dissipated by the evil that dwells in our Human nature.

11. “Lone Sky Universe” - 60 to 70 years old

A common understanding of a mature relationship in key points of life experience, which make love be based on past lovers experiences for this actual love work.

“My heart is an irresistible force that tries to move an object that cannot be moved...”

In this speech at the beginning of the song, it is already clear that this is a woman extremely open to love, but who always found people who were not able to be touched by this intense love.

“There is always more than meets the eye, and there is always something beyond nothing...”

In this speech, the Man replies that a woman should not only trust her heart, and know how to observe who deserves her love.

The story unfolds alluding to a heart that sails like an old ship to the land of the dead, and the captain of this ship is Charon (This detail is only revealed in the clip), and there is a part where it says:

“Your mutt died, don’t be sad because the swans are breeding, said the soul of the former captain of my heart/ship...”

In this part, the man wants to comfort the woman by telling her that her best friend may be gone from her life (former husband), but that she shouldn’t be sad because the swans (symbols of love, and examples of animals loyal in love to each other / a single partner) are still showing up and breeding.

This song revolves around the painful and dark learning of past loves, and the hope of finding someone equal to walk together until the end of their lives.

12. “Empty Nails” - 80 to 89 years old

The Empty Nails term in this case alludes to an empty photo frame...

The story of this song portrays a man at the age of 89 having to go through the intense pain of burying the one who was his life partner, and that in the middle of that burial, he found out that she had a lover over the years.

That Man’s immeasurable pain, tripled to the point where he felt what could be the maximum point of sentimental pain in the heart of a Human being... arriving home, he removed all the photos from the walls of the house, all the photos that immortalized the moments fake happiness he had in his life beside his recently deceased wife, and all that was left in this Man’s life were the “Empty Nails”.

The Man then looks at his hands and realizes that they are already too old to rebuild his happiness, and from then on, he inherited from his wife the painful wait to die in the solitude of a lifetime.

Instead an independent release, “DEATHinitive Love AtmosFEAR” is being release by Xaninho Discos. How the label did contacted you? And how this partnership is going?

Felipe: We want to start working with the labels to increase our range of distribution, and Xaninho came in to add to that willingness. I knew Kaká many years ago, and the conversation went out naturally as I did explain to him how we would produce our new album

One thing is different: to promote “DEATHinitive Love AtmosFEAR”, there are many live shots, official videos and even a cartoon one for the title track. Why use such strategy now? And how was to make them? And what about the feedback on them?

Felipe: Nowadays the need for video materials is bigger than anything when it comes to publicize our material. I did decide on making 9 video clips and 3 lyric videos to make the album fully visual as well, to have the fans the possibility to watch them and maybe even understand our transition phase to something more obscure. The feedback was very positive indeed

Still about the videos, there is one for “Empty Nails” that was recorded live during your show at Arena Cultural João Bosco (Vista Alegre, RJ), during your presentation with Tim Ripper Owens. It means that the band is making live shows. Are there plans for a promotional tour on other cities from Brazil, and even for outside of the country?

Felipe: We do have plans on playing live everywhere the opportunity comes LOL, but Xaninho discos is making the arrangements for some very good shows to come also.


Well, the band is set, the album is released, so there are plans ongoing by now. Can you speak about the goals that are achieved now, and the expectations for the future?

Felipe: The material for the comeback is there, and we are prepared now for live shows. Apart from that, we are also composing new stuff to release new singles next year for a later new album release as well. This time it seems that things will work fine.

Well, that’s it. Once more I thank you for your kindness and time, so please leave your message to the readers of Metal Temple and your fans.

Felipe: I am really honored for the space given here through this fantastic interview. For the readers, we hope to spread darkness to you all live, and get to know you. Stay Dark! Stay Tuned!

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