Thank you, FireHouse! - by "Metal Mark" Garcia

Well, as everyone knows, C. J. Snare, singer of FIREHOUSE, has passed. But one thing […]
April 8, 2024

Well, as everyone knows, C. J. Snare, singer of FIREHOUSE, has passed. But one thing that’s not said until this moment: I’m a huge fan of Glam Metal and Hard Rock due the band’s music.

The history isn’t hard to understand: back in 1990, I was depressed and sad due the end of a relationship of mine. I still remember the day: 06/10/1990, a sunny and warm Sunday. It was a hard moment, because 15 days after the end, my former girlfriend started to date with one of my best friends back then. The sensation was like a never ending storm of pain and distress that I don’t desire to everyone, like you’re walking day in, day out without a light ahead, without hope, just sadness.

But in one moment, the things got a turn, the moment FIREHOUSE entered my life. I was watching MTV at a Sunday, totally dispirited. It was the day that “Don’t Treat Me Bad” debuted, and I was watching to it. And the song breathed some happiness into me, especially due C.J.’ singing.

My feelings were that after a long time living aimlessly, now was the time to start a long set of months to recover and start to live again. And it was what happened.

On the other hand, this moment marked my departure from the radical view of the Metal fans of the 80s against Glam Metal (even acts as KISS suffered persecution from the radical fans), and to embrace the genre that was one of my favorites before Metal radicalism entered my life. And still today I’m a fan of the band and have many of its releases.

All of these words to pay homage to C.J. and FIREHOUSE’s work, and a way not to mark his passing, but celebrate his life.

May God receive C.J.’s soul, and I thank him. And hope that FIREHOUSE will keep on with its music.

"Metal Mark" Garcia
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