Ballet Of The Brute


This is the 3rd full-length album for the Danish Hatesphere, and normally the one that […]
By Thodoris Pantazopoulos
June 4, 2004
Hatesphere - Ballet Of The Brute album cover

This is the 3rd full-length album for the Danish Hatesphere, and normally the one that will provide them the much desired institution and recognition. The gigs, alongside with Haunted and Mastodon, have rather blessed them as the band appears fairly experienced and ready for the great step forward.
The band follows the musical path led by The Haunted, Pantera, Crowbar and other bands with similar sound. Some of their tracks are furious while others move in more mid-paced rhythms, but all of them centralize a tremendous amount of rage, strength and of course...hate. Very nice and ''deadly'' riffs that will bring even the more immobile metalhead into the moshpit for merciless headbanging.
Some other things that gather attention here, is the gross production and the ferocious bass guitar that deliver a sound delirium of megatons. Besides, in this kind of music those elements are something more than catalytic and necessary for someone that seeks success.
The title is very smart and neat, the artwork tasteful and matching to the content and to cut a long story short, this release stands out from any point of view.     
Ballet Of The Brute is a very groovy and dynamic album supported by the right way and by the right people that lacks nowhere. On the contrary, it has numerous strong points and equal in number reasons to be praised and supported. Do yourself a favor: invest fearless and hastily on it and feel the joy to discover a very promising band and an outstanding album.

8 / 10


"Ballet Of The Brute" Track-listing:

The Beginning And The End
Downward To Nothing
Only The Strongest...
What I See I Despise
Last Cut, Last Head
500 Dead People

Hatesphere Lineup:

Jacob Bredahl - Vocals
Peter Lyse Hansen - Guitar
Ziggy - Guitar
Mikael Ehlert - Bass
Morten Toft Hansen - Drums

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