The Great Amerakin Dream

Amerakin Overdose

AMERAKIN OVERDOSE is a rock band from Portland, Oregon who fuses a lot of different […]
September 26, 2016
Amerakin Overdose - The Great Amerakin Dream album cover

AMERAKIN OVERDOSE is a rock band from Portland, Oregon who fuses a lot of different sounds into their songs, including Metal and Industrial.  The best way to describe them would be a metal version of NINE INCH NAILS combined with SLIPKNOT or MUSHROOMHEAD.  The band seems a little outdated sometimes; they fit right in with those aftermention bands so much that I bet they could had been huge in the late 90's and early 2000s with the so called Nu-Metal bands.  However, you have to admire their dedication to a fading sound because they are so energetic and obviously love what they are doing.

I don't want to lump them in with that ilk from yesteryear though because they definitely have their own sound and it is solid. Simply put, other than the intro that every band ever has now, there isn't any filler on this album. Throughout "The Great Amerakin Dream," you are treated with 13 highly energetic and, often times, very catchy songs.  This is due to no small part of Cody and Pete, their multi-talented vocalists.   The vocals range from full on screaming to filtered clean passages; what gives the songs that extra hook is the poppy vocals.  It doesn't seem like pop would ever mix with a band that tackles such extreme social issues but somehow they make it work.  A catchy hook, an actorly way with a lyric, really helps the songs stay in your head. "Cyber Superstar" is a great example of this. The lyrics during the stanza's slide out with ease in an almost 80's type way, like PANTERA did a lot on songs like "Regular People" or "Primal Concrete Sledge." This is good because the music is all over the place. Though I wouldn't say its random or even progressive but there is a lot going on here.  Although the guitars are not the center piece for this band, the riffs are crushing and full of some groove.  If you can pull yourself away from the infectious vocals, you will find yourself head banging to the simple but effective riffs.

The keyboards/synths is what really give the band its core sound.  For every riff or groove to bang your head to, there is some sort of odd sound or keystroke that makes you question what you are hearing but also wants you to get up and pretend you're a metal loving robot dancer.  But the keys and industrial sounds never detract from the songs but instead add depth to them and keep everything from becoming standard bland hard rock. The keyboards also don't add too much to the mix.  Although the band is clearly keyboard driven, you never listen to them and question if you are even hearing rock.  Other highpoint is the lyrics; the band is clearly out to send a message with their songs and drive home important issues.  They highlight the problems and difficulties many Americans face but at the same time you can tell they respect the country; they just recognize its issue and want it to change for the better. All in all, it didn't blow me away, but it is a solid effort for a band that does have an original sound.Production 10

8 / 10







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"The Great Amerakin Dream" Track-listing:

1. Red White and Black
2. Great Amerakin Dream
3. Cyber Superstar
4. Face Down Ass Up
5. I Alone
6. Medicate
7. Nothing Remains
8. Love Like Ecstasy
9. C.U.N.T.
10. Sober
11. Letting Go - Featuring Waylon Reavis
12. Revolution
13. Gone Away

Amerakin Overdose Lineup:

Cody - Vocals
Pete - Secondary/Backing Vocals
The Human - Keys/Synths
Brick - Drums

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