Slithering Evisceration

Visceral Disgorge

The coming of the Second Generation of Death Metal at the end of 80's/beginning of […]
August 15, 2019
Visceral Disgorge - Slithering Evisceration album cover

The coming of the Second Generation of Death Metal at the end of 80's/beginning of the 90's started a fragmentation of the genre: it divided into countless subgenres. And Brutal Death Metal came from the extreme musical brutality imposed by earlier works of SUFFOCATION, CANNIBAL CORPSE (especially Chris Barnes' age) and MORBID ANGEL's "Covenant". Many bands followed, shaping the genre as they wanted, and VISCERAL DISGORGE, a quintet from Baltimore, is a follower of this specific subgenre of Death Metal, as "Slithering Evisceration" is here to show. Oppressive musicality, shrapnel drumming (the blast beats are incredible), distorted sickening guitars and low grunts (with some high pitched snarls) is what they offer, and mixing this elements, brutality is the result. But they need to put more of their personality on their music. It's not bad, but it lacks a more personal approach, something to show that, even on a musical genre so full of bands, that they're different from the others in some way.

Drew Lamond worked on the recording, mixing and mastering of the album, creating something that is nasty and crude, but with a good level of definition, so everyone can understand what is being played by the band without making great efforts. And the musical brutality is a consequence of the instrumental tunes used. Their songs are good, but the band still lacks a proper personality, because their musical efforts are similar to many bands of their genre. And "Fucked into Oblivion" (very good tempo changes), "Architects of Warping Flesh" (an insane attack of brutal guitars is shown on it), the troglodyte approach used on "Absorbed by the Swarm" and on "Necrotic Biogenesis" (both showing insane grunts, and rhythm changing are the expression of madness), and the long "Transfixed in Torture" are the ones that Brutal Death Metal fans will love.

It's a matter of putting more of personality in their musical work to put VISCERAL DISGORGE in the right track. For now, "Slithering Evisceration" is a sample of what the future will bring.

6 / 10

Had Potential








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"Slithering Evisceration" Track-listing:

1. Slithering Evisceration (Intro)
2. Fucked into Oblivion
3. Architects of Warping Flesh
4. Saprogenic Deformation
5. Absorbed by the Swarm
6. Siphoning Cosmic Sentience
7. Necrotic Biogenesis
8. Spawn of Putridity
9. Transfixed in Torture

Visceral Disgorge Lineup:

Travis Werner - Vocals
Steve Miles - Guitars
Charlie Marvel - Guitars
Eric Little - Bass
Billy Denne - Drums

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