It seems that Spanish underground scene of Metal is becoming evident after a long time […]
July 13, 2022
Ruinas - Resurrekzión album cover

It seems that Spanish underground scene of Metal is becoming evident after a long time of being familiar just for the Spanish Metal fans. But for a country with names as BARÓN ROJO, OBÚS and ANGELUS APATRIDA, it's not something unexpected to hear good names. And praising the extreme forms of music comes RUINAS, a duet hailing from Galicia, storming with "Resurrekzión".

The duet works in a front that mixes Death Metal and Grindcore, singing in Spanish and brutalizing the ears as there would be no tomorrow. It's not a sin to say that they bear influences of names as NAPALM DEATH, DEFECATION, something of MACABRE, because they work in a personal way, using a furious instrumental mixed with brutal grunted tunes in a form that's not usual. And it's really amazing to deal with such release, because the band shows personality enough to use some unexpected elements on their music (pay attention to the end of "Resurrekzión" to have the clear idea of what these words mean). The duet worked with Brais Landeira on the recording and mixing, and Javi Ustara in the mastering of "Resurrekzión". The idea seems to bring this EP a brutal and traditional sonority for the genre, with rough instrumental tunes, but in a way that is defined for the deeper comprehension of what they're expressing. And it works in a fine way.

On "Eterno Retorno", the band uses a traditional Death Metal outfit inherited from European scene, with very good grunts used in the middle of the nasty Hardcore hooks of the genre. "Tormenta de Miseria y Muerte" and "Último Vector" are brutal and fast songs with tempos usual to Grindcore, both with sharp and charming guitar riffs. As fast as these two songs is "Resurrekzión", but in a more balanced form between Death Metal and Grindcore, with very good rhythms created by bass guitar and drums. On the other hand, the duet shows some experimental traits on the instrumental songs "Ex Putrefaktio" and "Lázaro" (this one lasts more than 17 minutes, and shows some Power Pop/Progressive synth parts). So it means that the musical ideas of the band are a true and big 'fuck you' for those who try to tell them what to do.

After such a release, all that's left to say is that we can expect great things of RUINAS. But for now, to taste "Resurrekzión" is a very good thing. Dive into it!

8 / 10









"Resurrekzión" Track-listing:

1. Eterno Retorno
2. Tormenta de Miseria y Muerte
3. Último Vector
4. Resurrekzión
5. Ex Putrefaktio
6. Lázaro

Ruinas Lineup:

Rober Bustabad - Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Synths
Angel - Drums

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