Rizky Biznizz


The new Norwegian Hard Rock sensation is here, releasing a new work!
February 7, 2024

After some years as a land marked by the rise of Black Metal, other Metal and Hard Rock genres arose in Norway. It’s a fact that today there are great acts that inherited what TNT did in the 80s, as TURBONEGRO, GLUECIFER, KVELERTAK, MADRUGADA and others, and one new name is arising now: KARDANG, as their second album, “Rizky Biznizz”, is out now. It’s an accessible and tender form into crude Hard Rock, or in other words, is a mix between the dirty and organic work of AC/DC with charming Northern European melodies.

Their music bears a melodic appeal that resembles something inherited from 80s Glam/Hard Rock as well, but always in a fresh and modern way. Of course such a musical genre isn’t new at all and has many acts representing it today, but’s always good to hear something personal to add more value to it. Yes, the band’s music is very good, honest and spontaneous. “Rizky Biznizz” was produced by the quintet itself, with the coproduction done by Thomas Gallatin (who made the recordings and mixing at Riverside Studio), and the mastering is a work of Espen Høydalsvik at OSLO:Fuzz. All to grant the band the organic and defined sonority that is essential to a modern act, so be prepared, because things are really sounding near perfection.

All the songs are very good, but one can start to devour “Rizky Biznizz” by “Change of Heart” (a melodic and charming song built upon a tender ambience and is fueled by excellent guitars), “Don’t Let Me Drive” and “Man Eater” (a dirty and spontaneous Rock ‘n’ Roll feeling fills both songs that has simple technical work, but with excellent bass and drums parts), “Scandinavian Girls” (an uncompromised moment with fine and simple melodies and good vocals), “Rizky Biznizz” and “When the Water Runs Dry” (a savage Rock ‘n’ Roll appeal is weaved by these two songs, and it’s a live hit for sure), “Dream Forever” (a deep and Country-like ballad focused on vocals and acoustic guitars), and “Down to the River”.

KARDANG shows maturity on their second album, but “Rizky Biznizz” is just a step ahead, and they’re clearly aiming for higher ends, so the future will show how far they can get. It’s just a matter of giving their music a spin.

8 / 10









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"Rizky Biznizz" Track-listing:
  1. Change of Heart
  2. Don’t Let Me Drive
  3. Man Eater
  4. We’re All Gonna Be Alright
  5. Scandinavian Girls
  6. Rizky Biznizz
  7. When the Water Runs Dry
  8. Dream Forever
  9. Hey Everybody
  10. Down to the River
  11. In the End
Kardang Lineup:

Chris Williams - Vocals
Boogie Silver - Guitars
Jonkis - Guitars
Terry Hammer - Bass
Freddy - Drums

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