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In the ethereal world of possibilities, everything is permitted. Every experimental insight can be a […]
March 13, 2016
Cydia - Victims of System album cover

In the ethereal world of possibilities, everything is permitted. Every experimental insight can be a truth. But the things become extremely hard when we are dealing in turning the possibilities in music. It's because our imagination, our creative power, is attached to our technological limitations, and sometimes to the models we hear throughout the world. You can follow a model, of course, but you can do on it the things on your own way. And that's exactly what the Russian quartet CYDIA is doing on their new album, "Victims of System".

Imagine a Groove Metal band with modern and abrasive instrumental tunes, and put inside of this cauldron elements from Industrial Metal and some electronic effects. Yes, these madmen dare to do things in this way, doesn't caring about what others have to say, but believing in their own creativeness. And with that, they created a hooking and dense form of music, taking inspirations from names as SOULFLY (but not as New Metal as this one), DEVILDRIVER and others. But remember: these guys really have personality.

When we deal with musical production and sound quality on this style, the things are done in a abrasive way, with low tunes that really can sound too hard for non used people. But CYDIA used wisely these elements in a way that their music sounds clean and good, but aggressive and nasty without causing on us the impression of hearing so low tuned instruments. And this makes their melodic appeal extremely clear for us all.

Their songs are all fine, but they have some incredible moments, as we can hear on the excellent "Dancing on the Grave" (it starts brutal and full of an intense Groove and savage guitar riffs, but some keyboards and electronic effects appear, giving an Industrial touch on the song); the raw and nasty Groove presented by the excellent rhythmical work on "Scars"; the perfect marriage between melodies and abrasive tunes heard on the introspective and charming "Imitation of Life" (very good work on vocals and excellent electronic presence of keyboards effects); the powerful guitars on "Get Me Out" (very good rhythmical changes); the hypnotic melodies of the keyboards tunes and excellent guitars on "Loop" (some guitar solos can be heard, full of melodies), and the dense musical atmosphere on "Glorious Brave".

CYDIA is a very good band, and we deserve a chance to hear their work. Yes, my words are correct, and the sense is what you think, my dear nephews and nieces.<

8 / 10









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"Victims of System" Track-listing:

1. Icy March
2. Dancing on the Grave
3. Scars
4. The Spirit of Killers' Generation
5. Imitation of Life
6. Last Groan
7. Created World
8. Get Me Out
9. Loop
10. Golden Calf
11. Glorious Brave

Cydia Lineup:

Stas Nobody - Guitars, Vocals
Oleg Zoob - Guitars
Ed Coffee - Bass
Oleg Bizon - Drums

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