Dark Mother


Time can be enough to make things improve for a band, if its members have […]
August 29, 2019
5Rand - Dark Mother album cover

Time can be enough to make things improve for a band, if its members have open minds to understand how to evolve, or in some cases, even eternity isn't enough (for those who are so dumb and try to make a living by copying others' works). One fine case of evolution can be heard on "Dark Mother", the second release from the Italian quartet 5RAND. Their music can be described as a fusion of Melodic Death Metal aspects with some elements of Thrash Metal and some modern touches that came from Metalcore. Yes, that's what this album is showing, but some steps ahead of what was heard on "Sacred/Scared" (their first album). It became a bit more personal on their musical approach, a trace of their evolution. Are they a full growth band by now? Well, not at all, because they still have musical potential inside their own, but are in the right path.

Marco Mastrobuono made the recording, mixing, and produced the album, and Jens Bogren signed the mastering. It's not perfect, but it's in a very good shape, with all being understood without great efforts, but being brutal and aggressive when their music needs. It's a very good sonority, indeed. The brutal grasp imposed by "Embrace the Fury" (very good melodies in some moments, with very good guitar riffs), the hooking tempos of the insane "Several Injuries" and on "The Awakening" (both showing vocals that are pretty fine, using contrasts between harsh tunes with clean ones during some melancholic moments), the bitter ambiance used on the catching "Black Ocean", the massive aggressiveness shown on "Old Angel Midnight" (fine guitar solo, and the contrast between brutal and clean parts is very good), and the sound impact of "Before the Flood" (very good bass playing and drumming) are their best songs, but they can do even better.

For now, "Dark Mother" is a good album to hear and will implode your brain, but 5RAND can offer even more.

8 / 10









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"Dark Mother" Track-listing:

1. Collapsing Theory (intro)
2. Embrace the Fury
3. Several Injuries
4. The Awakening
5. Black Ocean
6. Cold Deception
7. Feel the End
8. Old Angel Midnight
9. Blind Addiction
10. Before the Flood
11. Silent Spring

5Rand Lineup:

Julia Elenoir - Vocals
Pierluigi Carocci - Guitars
Riccardo Zito - Bass
Andrea De Carolis - Drums

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