Cunning Punts


XYGRBRYNX is an Extreme Metal band from the UK, but I was not able to […]
January 25, 2023
Xygrbrynx - Cunning Punts album cover

XYGRBRYNX is an Extreme Metal band from the UK, but I was not able to find much information about the band on social media. "Cunning Punts" is their latest album, and it contains five songs. "Lullaby for the Underserving" is the first. What a lovely piano piece, darkened however by storm clouds and heavy winds. The sax notes are eerie as well. What am I listening to here? Perhaps the second song will fill in the questions. Indeed, "The Bigot They Are" features a veritable machine gun attack of riffs and vocals, stopping and starting on a dime. "Fuck you, you big fucking cunt" he screams a few times. The song almost sounds like Grindcore to me, especially with the rolling drums in lightning fast strokes.

"Beaten to Death with an Opinion Pole" is a slower grind, with deadly vocals and more rolling drums. The background elements are filled with scary elements, almost as if you are having a horrible nightmare and all the vivid things you are experiencing are causing you to weep uncontrollably. "A Fiscal of Dollars" features an almost swinging riff, but one marred with pig squeals, and guttural vocals fill the air. The sound is nearly devoid of all melody, but the guitar solo is pretty well done. "T.E.R.F. Wars" closes the album. The gutturals go so deep, they burrow into the ground and make a tunnel to Hell.

One of the most exciting things about music in general is that you can enjoy it without having to label it. Normally, this reviewer likes at least some melody in his music, but I found myself seduced by the sterile quality of the music, and the fact that there was no melody. Totally nihilistic in its approach, this album might turn your hair white by the end of its short running time.

7 / 10









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"Cunning Punts" Track-listing:

1. Lullaby for the Undeserving
2. The Bigot They Are
3. Beaten to Death with an Opinion Pole
4. A Fiscal of Dollars
5. T.E.R.F. Wars

Xygrbrynx Lineup:


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