Slaves To Fashion

Slaves To Fashion

SLAVES TO FASHION's previous name was P.O.B., a name that may ring some bells to […]
By Grigoris Chronis
April 10, 2010
Slaves To Fashion - Slaves To Fashion album cover

SLAVES TO FASHION's previous name was P.O.B., a name that may ring some bells to supporters of those Norwegians. With a new name and a new start via their own Fish Farm Records label, SLAVES TO FASHION seem to have a new focus on their sound while the style of the band does not show big signs of difference. The "Slaves To Fashion" EP displays a simple and kinda mystique cover artwork while four songs compile a tracklist seeking the fans' interest.

While fourteen minutes is not a craft leading to apt conclusions, let's merely speak on the songs' 'nimbus': this kind of Rock is surely melodic, but miles away from the typical 4/4 commercial radio stuff you expect from e.g. Frontiers or AOR Heaven releases. The sound of the band is quite modern, with same sample-ized parts in the vocals or guitars/keys work, and the atmosphere deriving from these songs is quite urban. Not some kind of post Rock example but also not so complex to be classified in the 'Prog' category, "Slaves To Fashion" brings to mind mature skilled musicians carrying the 'just Rock' vibe but with an extended 'living for today' attitude.

There are not enough bursting out moments in this EP; most of the time you're dealing with some air met in e.g. MARILLION's late works, tranquil TOOL excerpts or some really mild FATES WARNING moments (late works, too). As also seen in a retailer's website, the mood created can also be described as intellectual. Yeap, a fitting word indeed. The voice of Johannes Støle helps this way, to be prices, since his vocals are smooth and create a veil of moody wisdom also bringing artists like (solo career) Kip Winger or drifting Michael Stipe orto mind.

For their likes, SLAVES TO FASHION have a really good potential, still a full length album shall tell. Labels like e.g. Inside Out Music can keep an eye on these Norwegians.

"Slaves To Fashion" Track-listing:
  1. Mrs. Hero
  2. Left Out In The Cold
  3. The Garden (Remix)
  4. Out Of Here
Slaves To Fashion Lineup:

Johannes Støle - Vocals, Keys
Torfinn Sirnes - Guitars
John Henry Lind - Bass
Vidar Ingvaldsen - Drums

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