Old Sunlight


Starting back in 2006, LATITUDES are a Sludge/Post-Metal instrumental band hailing from London, England. The […]
By Michael Coyle
May 20, 2016
Latitudes - Old Sunlight album cover

Starting back in 2006, LATITUDES are a Sludge/Post-Metal instrumental band hailing from London, England. The band first started their career with the EP, "Bleak Epiphanies in Slow Motion"; this would give way to the bands first full-length release entitled "Agonist". Through the bands experience and ideas they would later release a second full-length entitled, "Individuation". We go on four years later and the band has a new record and a new life ready to fight.

Starting off the record, we open with the track "Ordalian". From the start, "Ordalian" opens slow with different sounds being mixed in with what I can only describe as an echo, increasing in both size and tone, this creates a very eerie, if not dangerous sound, that somehow continues to become more then I would think most people would be expecting, in terms of what this song would have in store. As the song continues, we see that there are different strokes to this canvas, in terms of ideas and the creativity, that this track has to offer for listeners; it brings out a lot of very fast paced noises, mixing together, creating a track that already has pulled my curiosity in to what the rest of this record has to offer.

"Gyre" is the next track on this record I chose to review next, as it makes a strong approach to the listener on first contact, which I feel is important, especially for new listeners of the band. What this track offers is a weird, if not wonderful, experience to a sound and structure that blossoms with different shades of heavy tones and colorful creations found within. I really enjoy this track most of all because it brings together an image of madness that really bursts out at the edges of this piece, which I really enjoy from this; it is easy to see that each member has their own role to play in what is happening and shows that boundless energy of what this band is capable of doing with what they have.

So far I feel that this record is already presenting fans with new and wonderful ideas that show off perfectly the best elements within this band.

We now come to the records fifth track entitled, "In Rushes Bound". Through this record, we have seen nothing more then an instrumental masterpiece mixed with tones and ideas that push every boundary and bring out a new perspective on musicianship of this caliber. Though now, we see the band mix even the element of vocals into their craft, showing a nice way of opening this record in their own way, which seems to be a truly inspirational way of doing so. The band show us a new mix of very tight riffs, creating a nice harmonic, which blends well with the vocals that we are given throughout this piece; it is really a beautiful mix of ideas from each of the members of this already incredible act, showing us that there are indeed methods in madness that can create something perfect in it's own way.

Closing off the record, we have the song, "Quandary". In many ways, the last song is always a way of saying thank you to those who have given their time on a record such as this, but in many ways, this slow, and beautifully short, song shows the love of the music that has been crafted here. With "Quandary", we see the band bring something totally different to what we have seen through this entire record, giving us a blend of gentle tones and acoustics that bring out the very best of this bands creative mind.

To conclude, I feel that this is a perfect record in it's own way, as it demonstrates the best in many creativities, as well as so much more, blending tones that normally wouldn't work to working; we see something bloom and expand into something so unique and somewhat perfect with areas that are insane and others that are LATITUDES, as a whole.<

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Old Sunlight" Track-listing:

1. Ordalian
2. Body Within A Body
3. Amnio
4. Gyre
5. In Rushes Bound
6. Altarpieces
7. Quandary

Latitudes Lineup:

Adam Crowley - Guitars
Tim Blyth - Guitars
Jon Lyon - Bass
Mike Davies - Drums
Adam Symonds - Vocals

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