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As if someone is trying to tell you about your life, but through the basics, from top to bottom, from the womb right until the grave. In overall, it may sound creepy, because who really wants to hear about their own death while they are living the life. Nevertheless, the journey within the areas of The Temple's new album, " Of Solitude Triumphant", shares moments that are a must to understand and comprehend. Steinmetal had a nice little chat with the band's Father Alex about the personal stuff going on within the record and more…
April 9, 2023
The Temple's Father Alex: "To look through yourself and solve negative things with love" interview
Hello Alex, it is good to have you for this talk in regards to the latest development within The Temple camp, how have you been doing?

Hello there and thank you so much for this. We are doing great, thanks!

After your debut album, "Forevermourn", you took your time, with no rush. Other than the split endeavor that you had almost a year after the debut, was it mainly support or was it also a good time for soul searching?

We wanted the next album to be far better than Forevermourn, so we thought that we needed some time for this. So, we sat, we concentrated and we focused on what we wanted to do. But yes, 6 years are a good time for some soul searching!

After Covid struck there wasn't much left to do other than sit, wait and struggle, with hopes that no loved one will be affected, and I hope that none didn't. Was there any doubt about the future of The Temple through that time, its integrity mainly?

Yes, there were some hard times, but you know, it depends on how you see things. For example, we took advantage of it, and we materialize the vision that we had. We added ideas and details in order to make the new album perfect according to our ears. We never worried about the band's future, as we were pretty sure that we will succeed in what we had in mind, no matter what and when.

Just recently, you released your sophomore album, "Of Solitude Triumphant", yet again by the underground label, I Hate Records. From your point of view, what does this title, which is very deep, expresses? How does it meet the overall atmosphere of the record?

It is deep. It is the triumph of the person who let go things within his ego and self. It is like a meditation on things that harm people from within, and result in negative feelings. It is something spiritual I guess, and I believe the whole atmosphere surrounds all these!

I gathered that "Of Solitude Triumphant" is a concept album, a kind of a journey of an individual, from birth, through a variety of experiences, up until the end. Surely, it wasn't the first concept that covers life. What is the different state of affairs going on the album that is different as you see it?

Yes, it is a journey of the soul, from birth to death, in this dimension. It is a challenge of the soul to go on despite all difficulties that are presented. Finally, there is a happy ending, because overall it is triumphant!

In your view, is the life that is being channelled within the songs of "Of Solitude Triumphant" is a sort of the picture of life in its normality?

Absolutely. Everyone has his own struggles, no matter what that he has to deal with. It may vary from each individual to another, but the sure thing is that all of us suffer from negative thoughts and fears.

When it comes to yourself, as a person that has been living the life, how much of you is there within the story?

100%. All the lyrics that I write, are inspired from real things, most of them experienced by me. So, yes, it is kind of personal thing.

Looking at life of the present in contrast to the life being described on "Of Solitude Triumphant", is there a fine line between the two lives or your version is rather sorrowful in comparison to the sort of ordinary life of today?

It is kind of a sorrowful description, but it is mainly metaphorical. We always add a bit more tragedy to the things we live

Doom Metal is a totem for you, and it is quite apparent throughout "Of Solitude Triumphant". The classic nature of the pattern of music is felt, and quite deep, and also it intensifies throughout the listening. In your view, can you state that this album is a musical progress, a step, or steps, forward from the debut?

Absolutely. It is far better than the debut, and that was the plan. We are happy that we succeeded in this.

One of the album's powerful exports is the melodic end. With the slow tempo rhythms and crushing rhythm guitar riffs, the lead guitar melodies took a strong stance. As if taking the role of the vocals from time to time, these melodies had a story to tell. What is your take on that?

Exactly, the vocals are the narration of the stories being told. Every vocal line represents the meaning of the stories told.

And here we go into the songwriting. Being epic that is quite obvious for this record, every song has an exponential tone and an impact as one of the pieces of the puzzle that makes this album a whole. What can you tell about the songwriting sessions? What drove you to write some of the songs?

Thanks for the kind words. Songwriting is like a ritual for me. First I need to be inspired by something, and then I start creating it. Then, I pass the ideas to the rest of the band and we add our personalities in it!

If there is something that can be pointed as a challenge in songwriting, is to find that suitable cohesion between the lyrics and music. With "Of Solitude Triumphant" as an aching experience, as if life is rather terrible than being a little livelier, how were you able to find that connection between the two elements?

That is the meaning of the album. To look through yourself and solve negative things with love. Focusing on this, music and melodies where automatically created!

We talked about it little in general previously, why was it highly important to emphasize the negative parts of life, or mostly to cover the hardships. Is Death the only answer in this case, where the person meets god?

Death can be only caused to the body, not the soul. Souls are eternal and that's what the album deals with. You can find an answer to this question in "Reborn In Virtue" song.

The epic song "The Foundations" is a journey of its own. Through ten minutes, there is a lot to think about, plenty of wandering and wondering about life in general. Nonetheless, it is supposed to be the basis. What can you tell about this song?

Yes, it is the basis of all. It is the starting point declaring the things that need to be done in order to have a peaceful life without any negativities.

Other than "The Foundations", which life I said is a project on its own, which other tracks had their impact on you, in particular with their complexity, and let's also add their overall feeling?

I think all of them have something from me, and all of them are hiding sensitive feelings within. If I have to choose, I will say Profound Loss and Premonitions of the Final hour hurt me more!

Looking forward to your schedule in 2023, what are your plans to support the record? Is there a tour on the way or mainly fighting the weekends as a warrior?

There are plans for a European tour and for some shows in Greece

Alex, I wish to thank you kindly for your time and effort on this conversation, also major thanks for this great journey that you created to signify life. All the best, cheers

Thank you

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