Fat. Hot. Sexy.


SUMOSLUTS are a Stoner / Hard Rock band with touch of old school in it. […]
By Moshe Morad
October 10, 2013
Sumosluts - Fat. Hot. Sexy. album cover

SUMOSLUTS are a Stoner / Hard Rock band with touch of old school in it. The band was formed in 2011 following a live gig. After breaking into the industry, they released their debut EP called "An Awesome Piece Of Shit" that symbolizes their official studio journey. For support, they traveled all over Southern Germany, and received a decent exposure. After a few concerts and an Open Air Festival, they headed back to the studio for the recording of the debut full length, "Fat. Hot. Sexy".

When I started listening to this album, it sounded a little bit Funk / Blues than your average Stoner or Hard Rock tune. The album turned out to be quite nice, sharing good bits and a fine groove, yet but nothing more than that. I am afraid that it didn't make me a new listener as I travelled the album, song after song, without anything generating any possible interest or special experience. I hope to find some possible attractive points, but those were barely existent. Another listening session didn't work out for me either.

Honestly, I haven't been the biggest fan of either Stoner or Hard Rock in general, but I have been trying to keep an open mind about certain things, including this particular mixture. It's my first time listening to this band, yet it would appear that the band's raw nature and muddy Rock didn't affect my way of thinking. 

5 / 10


"Fat. Hot. Sexy." Track-listing:

1. Son Of A Bitch
2. Losing My Mind
3. Pretending
4. Be There
5. Before I Die
6. Believe Me
7. One More Time
8. Just Wanna Say
9. Wasting My Time

Sumosluts Lineup:

Phil Svetashkov - Vocals
Matthias Söhnlein - Lead Guitar
Markus Herbst - Guitar
Michael Kraus - Bass
Michael Bickel - Drums

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