The Horrors Of Old

Scáth Na Déithe

Ireland is often associated with rolling hills, Guinness and everything green. Who would have thought […]
By Lotty Whittingham
October 16, 2016
Scáth Na Déithe - The Horrors Of Old album cover

Ireland is often associated with rolling hills, Guinness and everything green. Who would have thought it would be home to a dark duo that creates such devastating music? In terms where Black Metal is concerned that is huge praise and within the Metal scene, anything like this is always possible. This murky secret is Black Metal duo SCÁTH NA DÉITHE and they have been causing despair and mayhem for over a year with crafted weapon which is their EP 'The Horrors Of Old'.

For those of you just hearing of this duo here is some information about them; they formed together in their home town of Rush which is based in the Dublin area of Ireland. From listening to the album in full swing at first wouldn't think it was only two people, but a whole group.

This EP contains some dark beautiful melodies that are also raw and aggressive. They get the balance spot on here. The haunting instrumental sets the listener up and brings on a haunting vibe from the word go, this smoothly transitions into the aggressive first track.

The production on this record seems very old school. The sound is very distorted and it sounds like it was a DIY record. This isn't always a bad thing. In fact in this case it adds a nice charm to the record, at first listen it sounds like it was recorded a while ago, so it was a great surprise to see it was only released last year. The fact they managed to achieve that old school sound is very impressive.

Overall thoughts on this EP are that it comes across an extremely promising one. Especially when it came to getting that old school charm across in this fairly recent record. If they imagine to achieve this effect on recording, imagine experiencing it live.

7 / 10









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"The Horrors Of Old" Track-listing:

1. Their Warning
2. The Savage Hunger Of The Dead
3. Within These Walls, They Wait For Death
4. An Sluagh 

Scáth Na Déithe Lineup:

Stephen Todd - Drums
Cathal Hughes - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Synth

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