Live at Thrash disConcert

Trendkill Inc.

A manic Brazilian Thrash Metal live album, for ears that need to be whipped!
December 28, 2023

It’s not common for bands to release live albums before a full length comes. Maybe a consequence that, in the past, it was expensive to do such thing without the right support from recording devices (today, a studio can be installed on computers, back then it demanded a great set of devices). But models on music are born to be destroyed in a moment. And breaking such tendency comes “Live at Thrash disConcert”, of the Brazilian quartet TRENDKILL INC.

The band follows a way into Thrash Metal that can be said as ‘classic North American Thrash Metal’, or in other words, is that format that belongs to San Francisco Bay Area, the same one popularized by acts as METALLICA, MEGADETH, TESTAMENT, EXODUS and all those bands that had a violent and fast appeal, but always creating fine melodies inherited from JUDAS PRIEST, BLACK SABBATH and IRON MAIDEN. The genre is old, but the quartet uses a good personal insight to build their songs, always using a very good technical work (but never making things exaggerated), and keeping things catchy. It’s a very good release, indeed.

The songs were all recorded on the “Thrash disConcert”, a concert that happened on July, 22 of this year at São Paulo (their home city, and opened the concert that had TOSCO and FACES OF DEATH as well), and it bears the live feeling necessary for such kind of release, but always with things clean and defined (some pretty good melodic arrangements, as heard on “Shattered Life” can be heard clearly).

The idea of a live album was something that the quartet and their press manager, Johnny Z (of JZPress), had for only one reason: to mark this moment due the solid lineup the band has now (but they’re working on their first full length by now as well).

But people can be sure of one thing: the energy, aggressiveness and strength of their work shown on “Trendkill” (excellent melodic hooks filled with very good riffing), “Silence or Death” (a manic Thrash Metal song introduced by a very good and ‘butlerian’ set of bass guitar parts, but soon a solid and impacting song comes with a massive weight from the drums), “Sharpshooter (the Ballad of Frank Castle)” (a homage to Punisher, a classic Marvel character, here on a melodic Thrash Metal form with charming vocals), “Corrupted, Corrosion” (and abrasive and climatic song based on slower tempos, but with a charming and melodic chorus full of very good guitar arrangements), “Metal Man” (another strong and slow moment of the album), “Fear” and “DWTH (Down Way to Hell)” (songs that depicts influences of Hard Rock in some moments), “Duality” (where some ANTHRAX influences can be heard on the ‘wall of riffs’ heard) and “Shattered Life” deserves a good producer to keep things organic and with such energy, and can put the quartet in the same team of WOSLOM: a classic Thrash Metal band. And by the way, the synergy and communication between the quartet and the public can be heard and felt throughout all the songs.

As final words, “Live at Thrash disConcert” is a fine release, and makes the fans wish that TRENDKILL can release their first studio full length as soon as possible. And by the way, on the Youtube video on this review, you can watch to the full show of the quartet.

Taste it:

8 / 10









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"Live at Thrash disConcert" Track-listing:
  1. Trendkill
  2. Silence or Death
  3. Sharpshooter (the Ballad of Frank Castle)
  4. Corrupted, Corrosion
  5. Metal Man
  6. Fear
  7. DWTH (Down Way to Hell)
  8. Duality
  9. Shattered Life
Trendkill Inc. Lineup:

Diego Veras - Vocals, Guitars
Ivan Santos - Lead Guitars
Sandro Cézzar - Bass
Alexandre Fontana - Drums

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