Symphony Towers

This very good Heavy/Power Metal work shows the vitality of Brazilian scene of the genre.
December 28, 2023

The Brazilian traditional Heavy Metal scene has many trenches, but it can be summarized on four greater sets: as done by VIPER during the 80s, a mix of influences between Heavy Metal and Hard Rock, but with a massive weight; as done by ANGRA, using a more technical approach and with influences of Power Metal; a mix between both tendencies (as done by OVERDOSE on “Século XX” and “Conscience”); and a more modern and aggressive insight (what OVERDOSE did on “Addicted to Reality”). An on the work of SYMPHONY TOWERS on “Isolation”, people will have a surprise.

Actually living in Thailand (but being natural of Tôrres, Rio Grande do Sul), the band is based on the ideas and songs written and executed by Janilson Quadros (in other words, it’s an one man band), and shows a mix between influences of traditional Heavy Metal and Power Metal, but without exaggerations on the technical aspect (as use of endless double bass parts on the drums), but focusing on charming melodies and silk ambiences with very good choruses and charming melodies. It’s on that way that’s easy to hear and digest, so the fans of the genre will love it for sure.

“Isolation” was recorded at the Home Studio of Janilson at Bangkok, but the mixing and mastering were done carefully by Roger Fingle (a known Brazilian producer konwon for his works on music with BLOOD TEARS and SEDUCED BY SUICIDE, and by his productions with DARK CELEBRATION, AGONY VOICES, LAND OF FOG, TIWAZ and others) at Roger’s own studio, Estúdio Nitro. It shows a polite and defined sonority, in a way all the instruments can be heard and understood, with all the care necessary. And the work of Mário Candiota on the artwork for the cover depicts something in a Heavy/Power Metal trend, but with something dark on it as well.

The dark touch is due the lyrics that explores levels of isolation on the life of us all. But it’s really a very good album with songs that will keep the interest of the fans, as hear on moments as “Before a Dream” (very good keyboards parts can be heard, creating the right ambiences for the dynamic imposed on the guitar riffs, solos and duets), “War, Religion, and Hell” (a more melodic song with an epic feeling in some moments, with a very good choruses and solid playing on the rhythmic parts), “In Search of Faith” (a grandiose and long song with some heavier parts from the guitars, with good vocals laying on the instrumental bulk), “Sorrow” (a song created on contrasts between more tender and introspective parts with heavier crescendos), “Relief” (once again, excellent and catchy melodies can be heard), and “Isolation” (another excellent set of contrasts can be heard, but with some Hard Rock touches heard in some parts).

Maybe “Isolation” will open doors and possibilities to SYMPHONY TOWERS, but one thing is sure: one will listen and have the idea of a fresh blow of wind on the face during the album.

Listen to it:

8 / 10









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"Isolation" Track-listing:
  1. Before a Dream
  2. War, Religion, and Hell
  3. In Search of Faith
  4. Sorrow
  5. Relief
  6. Isolation
Symphony Towers Lineup:

Janilson Quadros - All Instruments, Vocals

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