Hide the End


Argentinian metal scene shines with SOULKICK's "Hide the End" – a heavy, melodic masterpiece showcasing musical prowess and maturity.
November 2, 2023

Some would speak about soccer players and the National team of Argentina, or maybe other sports. But to those who don’t know, the country has very strong Metal scene into South America (some albums that aren’t released on Brazil are released officially there, a proof of Argentina’s scene strength). Names as RATA BLANCA, KAMIKAZE, V8, RIFF, SKULL & BONES and many others are famous in the country, and transcends the frontiers, showing the personality that the ‘hermanos’ of the scene have. One good name is arising there: SOULKICK. And “Hide the End” is an inspired album, indeed. The quartet has experienced musicians that played with acts as THERION, ERIC MARTIN’S BAND, THE ROAD VULTURES, ARIADNA PROJECT, CUERO and others, and here they’re showing a vigorous, heavy and modern path into classic Hard Rock (but pay attention that is easy to hear traditional Heavy Metal influences arising in many moments, as on “Sign of the Times”).

Of course the band focus is on something melodic and heavy, with some parts with emphasis on the instrumental technique (pay attention to the bass guitar playing on “Last Goodbye” to have an idea of what these words are trying to mean). The melodies are easy to assimilate, the care in the instrumental arrangements, the excellent vocals, everything is spewing forth tons of energy and hooks. Yes, the album is really amazing! The production is signed by the band’s guitarist Christian Vidal (who plays guitars on THERION, and did the engineering of the guitars on “Leviathan”), and was co-produced, mixed and mastered by Mario Altamirano (a known Argentine producer who signs works with RATA BLANCA, LETHAL, TARJA, and many others), and the final result is a clear, defined and heavy sonority that bears an organic touch (sometimes, there are no rhythm guitars under the solos). It’s really an amazing result!

“Hide the End” is a very good album to listen to and enjoy, and all its 11 songs are excellent, showing that the four members get along very well. But to begin with, pay attention to “Sign of the Times” (the contrasts between cleaner moments and heavy parts shows very good instrumental arrangements, a catchy chorus and reveals the strong and beautiful voice of P. Zuccalá), “Last Goodbye” (lovely and accessible melodies can be heard, with vigorous contrasts once more, with bass playing of Charlie, showing his technique), “On the Road” (wow, what excellent song, filled with many different parts, but all working as an unity, but the drumming of P. Garrocho is really heavy and technical), “The Lighthouse” (a Hard Rock song filled with elements of Folk and with tender guitars arrangements), “Voices in the Night” (a song filled with a strong and heavy groove on the rhythms, but what great guitar riffs and solos), “Reasons” (this one bears a clear accessible appeal, with elegant arrangements and strong vocals), “The Rope” (again a strong and groove sense gives the song a modern flavor, but with heavy rhythms and melodic chorus), “Empty Faces” (this one bears a Bluesy/Country Rock introspective appeal, with sad melodies), and “Perfect Day”, “Make Believe” and “Carved in Stone” as well. Yes, that’s it: the full album is excellent, so give yourself a chance and listen to it!

For a second album, “Hide the End” shows a level of maturity that’s not easy to find today. And it shows that SOULKICK deserves applause and to be heard and enjoyed by all! Saludos Hermanos de Argentina!

10 / 10









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"Hide the End" Track-listing:
  1. Sign of the Times
  2. Last Goodbye
  3. On the Road
  4. The Lighthouse
  5. Voices in the Night
  6. Reasons
  7. The Rope
  8. Empty Faces
  9. Perfect Day
  10. Make Believe
  11. Carved in Stone
Soulkick Lineup:

Pablo Zuccalá - Vocals, Backing Vocals
Christian Vidal - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Charlie Giardina - Bass
Pablo Garrocho - Drums

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