Burning The Mortal Coil

Severe Lacerations

This band carries on the torch of UK's Death Metal to the future.
February 21, 2024

UK has a long story with Death Metal. Since the second half of the 80s, before the invasion of the 90s, acts as CARCASS, NAPALM DEATH, BOLT THROWER, BENEDICTION, CANCER and others were active and working on the creation of the ‘UK’s Death Metal DNA’. The traces of Hardcore and Grindcore are usual on UK Death Metal bands because some of the pioneers started as bands of the genre (as BOLT THROWER), and others have a great crush on the genre (as NAPALM DEATH). And “Burning the Mortal Coil”, the first full-length of SEVERE LACERATIONS, depicts a promising name from English shores.

The band delivered to Gord Olson the responsibility of mixing and mastering the songs of the album. The result is something brutal, nasty and aggressive in an Old School Death Metal model (as the band recorded things on the most organic way possible), but worked with modern techs to make the songs understandable to the fans. Yes, it’s a very good result, indeed. The trio (during the recordings) follows and Old School Death Metal tendency on one hand, bearing the natural aggressiveness and brutality of the genre, and without technical exaggerations; on the other hand, one can feel the presence of UK’s Death Metal pulsing on the band’s song (as some subjective melodies, as heard on some moments on “Unholy Revenge”), and even a clear elegant tack in many moments. It’s not simply an Old School Death Metal act, but an intelligent one.

On the band’s songs, there’s nothing to complain about, they do a fine work, but their highlights are heard on “Terror Signal” and “Immutable” (two brutal traditional Death Metal song with nasty guitar riffs and arrangements), “Unholy Revenge” (very good rhythmic parts from bass guitar and drums, but as written above, there are moments where subjective and nasty melodies arises), “Subjugation” (where the slow appeal of the beginning is extremely bitter and oppressive, creating the right instrumental sheath for the grunts of the vocals; but soon speed increases a bit), “Atavistic” (where some Hardcore traces can be heard), and “Burning the Mortal Coil”. But Death Metal fans will love the album.

As a first coming, “Burning the Mortal Coil” passes on the test, but the potential of the band is huge, so let’s hope that SEVERE LACERATIONS cam evolve more and more. And the album pays homage for Fil Rourke, their guitarist who lost his life in 2023.

8 / 10









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"Burning The Mortal Coil" Track-listing:
  1. Memento Mori (instrumental)
  2. Terror Signal
  3. Immutable
  4. Unholy Revenge
  5. Red Wraith
  6. Subjugation
  7. Atavistic
  8. To Kill
  9. Burning the Mortal Coil
Severe Lacerations Lineup:

Ian Maxwell - Vocals
Fil Rourke - Guitars
Lee Cummings - Guitars, Bass, Drum programming

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