Aanima Vilis


A fine mix between traditional Death Metal and Deathcore can be heard here.
June 6, 2024

People are always trying to define and use formulas to every day works, but in music, such a thing does not work. To use a formula in music is suicide, because many can be using it without any trace of personality, and all the efforts done are wasted. The best way is to try something personal to run away from comparisons. And this is the way of the quartet MORTEMORIUM, from Poland, here with their first release, “Aanima Vilis”.

The band hired Jarek Wysocki (a known producer into underground scene) to work on the recording, mixing and mastering. The idea was to use a Death Metal traditional model, put an actual feeling on it and expand possibilities. And they reached this goal in a very good level, because things sound nasty and aggressive, but defined as well. And the artwork created by Kucol fits on the band’s music.

The music of the band can be depicted as a mix between 80% of traditional Death Metal (played in the Polish Death Metal way, mind you) with 20% of influences inherited from Deathcore (as can be heard on the groove heard on “Cataclysmos”). They’re pretty good, using a good technical work on the instrumental work with aggressive grunts, spewing a crude and nasty energy in every direction, but with a personal idea behind their musical assault. It’s really very good, indeed.

“Attendite a Falsis Prophetis” (that has a traditional Death Metal trend, although with some Deathcre traces in many parts, with very good guitar riffs and arrangements), “Cataclysmos” (the abrasive groove in some moment is clear, with a solid rhythmic work of bass guitar and drums), “Hannibal” (where some Old School Grindcore elements can be heard on some moments), “Opressus” (again fine contrasts between Death Metal and Deathcore elements, and very good singing can be heard) and “Pompei” are the best ones to begin with “Aanima Vilis”, besides all the songs are in the same level (and the band needs to evolve a bit more).

“Aanima Vilis” is a very good release for Death Metal maniacs, and MORTEMORIUM is a good new name to be followed.

8 / 10









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"Aanima Vilis" Track-listing:
  1. Attendite a Falsis Prophetis
  2. Cataclysmos
  3. Hannibal
  4. Abbadon
  5. Opressus
  6. Mors Voluntaria
  7. Pompei
Mortemorium Lineup:

Szczepan Parchimowicz - Vocals
Łukasz Durbajło - Guitars
Marek Dyk - Bass
Remigiusz Wałęga - Drums

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