Stoned Again

Max Boogie Overdrive

A very good album from this Hard Rock/Boogie Metal/Stoner Metal or any other Metal thing you can think opf. Just listen to it, and listen it LOUD!
May 14, 2024

During the second half of the 70s, there was a shift in Hard Rock: the dirty and nasty appeal used by MOTÖRHEAD and AC/DC started to change things, so the psychedelic and even Prog Rock usual outfit until that moment was changed, and the future generations showed that filthy and hooking influences of the two acts written above. And such model is still usual today, for many bands are working on it, as the USA quartet MAX BOOGIE OVERDRIVE, from Los Angeles. “Stoned Again” depicts such thing.

The production is signed by Jim Bacchi and Daren Ford, with Jim mixing the album (except for “Suffer Sister” that was mixed by Bob St. John), with recordings done at many different studios. All to give the band’s music a nasty and organic feeling that belongs to the past, but with an actual feeling and sound definition. And it works in a way that fits on what the band plays, but that allows the hearers to understand the quartet’s musical expressions. And as guests, here are Mike Christie playing bass guitar on “King of Fire”, and Rick LaBonte with his harmonica on “Bomb Incoming”.

As written above, these guys work on a model of Hard Rock/Stoner Metal heavily influenced by acts as those named in the first paragraph and by MC5 (and all those Rock ‘n’ Roll acts of Detroit in the late 60s/early 70s) as well. It’s ferocious, nasty and organic, filled with Boogie influences, but always with catchy melodies and tons of crude energy. Mammoth riffs, nasty vocals, heavy rhythms created by bass guitar and drums, and always with tons of fun. You must listen to it!

All the songs of “Stoned Again” are very good, but a bit on “The Devil Knows My Name” (a frantic and nasty song with melodies boosted by excellent guitar riffs and solos), “Suffer Sister” (this one has that stench of drinking beer on a smoky bar as a riot starts, so it’s a very good song, with a high dose of Boogie on its melodies), “Van Boogie” and “Bomb Incoming” (both have that Boogie essential to acts as AC/DC, and the harmonica parts on the second one are really very good), “Demonaire” (here a touch of musical accessibility appears in the melodies) and “Stoned Again” is essential to have a deeper idea of what the band is about.

Well, MAX BOOGIE OVERDRIVE is welcomed to the scene, and “Stoned Again” is that kind of release that you’ll hear time and time again, and never get bored of.

8 / 10









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"Stoned Again" Track-listing:
  1. The Devil Knows My Name
  2. Suffer Sister
  3. Freakazoid
  4. Van Boogie
  5. Bomb Incoming
  6. Demonaire
  7. King of Fire
  8. Stoned Again
Max Boogie Overdrive Lineup:

Drop Dee - Bass, Lead Vocals
Max Boogie - Guitars, Backing Vocals
RC - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Knuckles (aka Heavy T) - Drums

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