Remember to Die


This release is a fine first coming from this international Symphonic Power Metal act.
May 14, 2024

Today, to deal with subgenres of Power Metal, one must take care, because it’s fractured in such way that is hard to understand some of them as Power Metal (because the musicians ideas can run away of what is usual, what’s truly good). But for Symphonic Power Metal fans, some surprises appear after the erosion cause by the flood of acts on the past 20 years, and one of them is the international quintet MAESÜN, here back with its first full-length, “Remember to Die”. The production, mixing and mastering of the album were done in a way to create a clear and defined sonority, but evading to be extremely clear and to tear apart the distortion and aggressiveness (such aspect is evident on the guitars). It could be better in some aspects (some instrumental tunes could be better shaped), but’s not bad at all.

The band’s music resides in a model of Symphonic Power Metal, an eroded genre, mind you. But the talent of the quintet (and even the multiethnic aspect of the band) created a form of music that’s really tasteful, full of melodic hooks, and that carries influences from Hard Rock (as heard clearly on some parts of “Book of the Dead”), and even some unexpected extreme Metal influences (again, some riffs on “Book of the Dead” supports such idea), and the life that they breathe on the songs. It’s really a very good release.

“Remember to Die” with its charming melodies and good technical appeal has an 80s appeal in some moments (with excellent vocals), “Life in Chains” bears some Folk touches and sounds simple, but with very good arrangements (and a very good work on bass guitar and drums). On “Book of the Dead” the quintet brings some contrasts between Hard Rock and extreme Metal influences, with very good rhythmic shifts (and fine guitars riffs and arrangements). “The Weaver” has a deeper and melancholic feeling, focused on the beauty of the vocals contrasting with the charming keyboards’ parts, contrasting with the touch of accessibility heard on “Waves”. And their unexpected version of “Fix My Heart” (an old song of the Canadian masters of VOIVOD from 1993’s “The Outer Limits”) is a very good surprise, bringing a different Power Metal taste to it.

As a first full-length, “Remember to Die” fulfills its duty: to present MAESÜN to the world. And it’s a matter of time to have them as a strong name for the genre.

8 / 10









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"Remember to Die" Track-listing:
  1. Intro
  2. Remember to Die
  3. Life in Chains
  4. Book of the Dead
  5. The Weaver
  6. Waves
  7. Fix My Heart
Maesün Lineup:

Andrada Hofmeister - Vocals
Mihai Brici - Guitars
Florin Huluba - Guitars
Dan Tarcea - Bass
Mihai Pușcașu - Drums

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