Mass Extinction

Keep The Promise

Hardcore isn't dead, it's evolving and this Italian quintet is here to proove it, even beating our ears down!
May 14, 2024

Hardcore is a musical genre that evolved throughout the years, mutating and becoming different to reach the new generations. And differently from what happens on Metal scene, the new tendencies are accepted by older fans (musical taste is another story). This is what lies behind acts as BIOHAZARD, AGNOSTIC FRONT, HATEBREED and others success: the acceptance, not something ‘from-1989-to the-pastwards’ (again, it’s usual on Metal scene). And the Italian quintet KEEP THE PROMISE comes storming with a young and savage work, “Mass Extinction”. The songs of were recorded, mixed and mastered by Luca Cocconi and Simone Sighinolfi at Audiocore Studio in Palma, Italy.

The sonority is abrasive and with a modern outfit, but never denying the roots of what Hardcore means. But’s clean and defined as well in a sense that can cause pains in the ears. And what a great artwork was conceived and created by LC Artworks. In a deeper analytic sense, it’s not fair to say that the quintet is a Hardcore act. No, they’re a Harcore Metal/Crossover band, with clear influences of BIOHAZARD (due the intense NYHC groove), HATEBREED (due the massive weight and modern embodiment), SEPULTURA and many others, but these guys work on a personal way, and the energy that flows from their songs is amazing. This is Hardcore, this is attitude, and it’s impossible to resist!

“Mass Extinction” is a protest, a denunciation against all those that wants profit instead of a better world to all, and against those who support such prostitution between governments, multinational companies, the major banking and financial groups that are bringing human race to the point of its own extinction (the evidence and proof are clear, Science has advised everyone), and it’s attitude (a word that many left in the 80s).

The famous speech of Greta Thunberg with piano’s bottom serves as an intro do “Stolen Dreams”, a song full of modern groove and Hardcore breakdowns, with nasty screams and snarls from the vocals (the lyrics speak about the crimes of the governments and employers against Earth and the future generations, echoing Greta’s words). On “All the Same On Earth”, we have a more classical Hardcore embodiment, filled with greasy guitar riffs and charming vocals and backing vocals parts. “Stupid People on Social Media” is a massive blow of Hardcore Metal on the face, with hooking parts and excellent and technical rhythmic support from bass guitar and drums. An immense dose of NYHC of the 90s’ influences can be heard on the brutal harmonies of “Closer Deadline”, and the slamdancing is the result. And closing, here is a version of the band for “Ten Ton Hammer”, of MACHINE HEAD, here in a personal and hardcorized way.

For those who just want to enjoy a very good time hearing music, “Mass Extinction” is a fine EP to hear. For those that think music is attitude, the work of KEEP THE PROMISE is mandatory to be heard.

10 / 10









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"Mass Extinction" Track-listing:
  1. Intro
  2. Stolen Dreams
  3. All the Same On Earth
  4. Stupid People on Social Media
  5. Closer Deadline
  6. Ten Ton Hammer
Keep The Promise Lineup:

M.V. - Vocals
Huber Artioli - Guitars
Matteo Usberti - Guitars
Costantino “Steve” Negrelli - Bass
Enrico Torricelli - Drums

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