Make Me the Heart of the Black Hole


Even under the label of Symphonic Power Metal, this canadian trio has some surprises to show with its music.
April 10, 2024

To create something new demands two methods: to combine Metal with influences of other genres (the use of Hardcore and Punk Rock influences were seminal for the birth of extreme Metal subgenres), or even to combine influences of Metal genres that already exist. Following the second trend is the trio HYLOXALUS, from Canada, here with their first album, “Make Me the Heart of the Black Hole” (after a Demo, an EP and some Singles).

Having the mixing and mastering of Danial Devost (who worked on the recordings with the guitarist/bassist Mike Bell at various studios between 2021 and 2023), the sonority shows a crude touch that brings something into a more organic into the account. Of course that the band’s musical ways demand something better, but’s not bad. And the cover created by Kory Torgerson for the cover fits on the band’s musical work. The words in the beginning depicts that this trio works on a trend that mixes different influences, and that true: besides they call themselves a Symphonic/Power Metal act, you can’t expect of them something in the vein of RHAPSODY OF FIRE (just an example). Honestly, the band’s music sounds as mixing influences of THERION (for the care of the arrangements, but always with a weighty appeal) and NIGHTWISH (due some melodies and use of excellent female voices), without being fast on double bass drumming, but with a dramatic melodic appeal. It’s different from the usual, and it’s truly good.

With seven songs, the band shows its music for the world, and it’s really a charming and great experience to deal with moments as “He Dies in the Swamp” (some extreme Metal aggressive traits in a CRADLE OF FILTH way appear here, especially on the bass guitar and drums), “Dream Chasm” (that bears the weight of traditional Heavy Metal and the Symphonic Metal grandiose ambiences, with very good synths and vocals), “Beyond the Soil” (this one has many aggressive guitar riffs and arrangements, and good guitar solos as well, all tempered with silk melodic singing), “Sailors Underneath the Waves” (another moment with shifts between influences of extreme Metal genres and Symphonic Metal, and is rich in elegant instrumental arrangements), and the short “Splitter”, songs that depict a talented band that needs some sharping on its musical efforts, but that is excellent.

For now, , “Make Me the Heart of the Black Hole” works as a fine presentation card of the trio, but more can be expected of HYLOXALUS in the future.

8 / 10









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"Make Me the Heart of the Black Hole" Track-listing:
  1. He Dies in the Swamp
  2. Dream Chasm
  3. Beyond the Soil
  4. Undead in Ward 6
  5. Sailors Underneath the Waves
  6. Severed from the Reborn Sun
  7. Splitter
Hyloxalus Lineup:

Nina Laderoute - Vocals
Mike Bell - Guitars, Bass, Synths
Danial Devost - Drums

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