Tides Of Decay

Garden of Stone

A mix between Heavy/Doom Metal and Melodic Death Metal that has potential.
June 14, 2024

There are time shifts of axis on Metal from time to time, and it’s not so hard to understand what’s happening. During the 70s and the beginning of the 80s, England was the stronghold for the genre (since the world was drowned on Punk Rock and Disco Music), but still in the 80s, the axis shifted to the USA, and it was the rise of Gam Metal and Thrash Metal; during the tsunami of Alternative Rock on USA, things changed again, and Europe (especially on Sweden, Norway and Finland) became the new fortress. But such shifts are good, because they cause the rise of new excellent acts that wouldn’t come if things keep the same. And here on “Tides of Decay”, the first release of the Finnish quintet GARDEN OF STONE, one can understand the deeper sense of these words.

The production worked on a way that could combine a very good level of aggressiveness, but always trying to shape things to be clearly understood. And things worked on a good way, but it’s not totally what their music deserves. And as guest, they have Matias Rokjo (of AMONGST THE ASHES, ERASE THIS EARTH, FROZEN LAND and SARGASSUS) playing all the drums parts. The band’s music is built upon contrasts: on one side, they have a melodic Doom/Heavy Metal appeal that sometimes resembles bands as MY DYING BRIDE and SENTENCED; on others, they come in an Old School Melodic Death Metal trend (reminding a bit of IN FLAMES and SENTENCED during “North from Here” and “Amok” days). Such combination is still raw, as they need to evolve their ideas a bit more, but it’s a very good idea, indeed.

On “Hymn of a Dead Man Pt.1” they have a resemblance with works of Gothic/Doom Metal acts due the melancholic appeal on the cleaner parts (with a very good work on the guitars), and on “Idol of Flesh”, they become nearer Melodic Death Metal (besides the preference for the dominance of clean vocals, but some snarls can be heard). “Seeker of Salvation” follows the same tendency of the previous one (with a very good and technical work on bass guitar and drums), and “Hymn of a Dead Man Pt.2” has the same ways of the part I. But a tip for Jesse: you have a very good voice, but sometimes it does not fit 100%, so work on it (you can do it).

“Tides of Decay” is a very good release to introduce GARDEN OF STONE to the world, but the band’s potential is huge, so let’s see what’s coming in the future.

8 / 10









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"Tides Of Decay" Track-listing:
  1. Hymn of a Dead Man Pt.1
  2. Idol of Flesh
  3. Seeker of Salvation
  4. Hymn of a Dead Man Pt.2
Garden of Stone Lineup:

Jesse Salo - Vocals
Jere Mäntysalo - Guitars
Ville Penkari - Guitars
Kalle Hänninen - Bass
Matias Rokio - Drums (session)

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