Forever Broken

Forever Broken

A fine mix between Southern Metal with some Thrash Metal and US Metal elements is what can be found on this release...
November 19, 2023

Since the days BLACK SABBATH started what would be called as Heavy Metal, the musical element known as ‘groove’ is presented into things, even when someone isn’t able to hear it. Obviously that acts as THE ALLMAN BROTHERS, LYNYRD SKYNYRD, as mainly PANTERA popularized the name (what caused negative reactions from many radical fans with the word ‘groove’). It’s a musical feature inherited from Country, Blues and even Gospel, the main foundations of Rock ‘n’ Roll. And such feature is clear on the EP “Forever Broken”, of the North American quartet FOREVER BROKEN, from Gadsden, Alabama. They can be said as a Southern/Groove Metal band with clear traces of early Californian Thrash Metal (namely acts as METALLICA and TESTAMENT), and even some US Metal elements (as the ‘halfordian’ screams heard on “Six Feet Deep”).

Their musical work is rough, greasy and heavy, but built under melodic foundations, full of energy and plenty of hooks that are hard to resist to (especially during the choruses). Obviously, some shard must be edges need to be sharpened in the future, but’s really a promising new name on the scene. This EP was recorded between late 2021 and mid 2022 at The Cave Studios, and the sonority is kind of different that one expected from bands with clear Groove Metal traces: it’s defined, clean and heavy, but not as greasy and abrasive as what is usually heard on releases of the genre. It sounds as an US Metal band, so it earns their music many points.

Musically, the six songs of this EP are all presenting a promising musical work. But for a taste on it in a deeper form, “The Hunt” (with very good vocals in a similar trend to Chuck Billy/James Hetfield laying on a strong instrumental sheath), “Paranoia” (where slow tempos extrapolates the Southern Rock greasy elements with a thunderous weight is a “Master of Reality” way, with a good and solid work of bass guitar and drums), “Reaper” (a mighty and thunderous song filled with catchy tempos and great guitar riffs and arrangements), and “Fallen” are the best ones. But it does not mean that “Six Feet Deep” and “A Flame Still Burns” aren’t good songs as well.

“Forever Broken” is the band’s second EP, and although they have to set some points in their music down a better path, it is proof that they’re ready for an album.

8 / 10









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"Forever Broken" Track-listing:
  1. The Hunt
  2. Paranoia
  3. Six Feet Deep
  4. Reaper
  5. Fallen
  6. A Flame Still Burns
Forever Broken Lineup:

Brennon Miller - Vocals
Michael Miller - Guitars
Scott Wright - Bass
Craig Owen - Drums

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