The Grove

Ember Belladonna

Flutes and Metal isn't a new combination, but the way depicted on this album surely is.
April 24, 2024

Once again: the models and labels are constrains to musicians ideas, so if one ones to give a kick on them to create a personal way into a genre, do it! Yes, blow things into nothingness and do it (better saying, play it) as you want. New and good ideas are always welcome, and some releases are really amazing. One of them is “The Grove”, the new album of EMBER BELLADONNA. The production focused on the creation of a sonority that could align the heavy weight of Metal (especially on Folk Metal tendencies) with the needed clarity for hearing the flutes clearly (a fine work of Justin Bender, who plays the guitars on the album). It shows such feature, with very good organic tunes on the guitars. And as guests, here are The Darkeyed Musician on the vocals on “Heart of the Grove”, James Delbridge (from LYCANTHRO) on the vocals on “Ruination”, and Laura Inferno (from THE INFERNO DOLL) on the vocals on “Spirit Woman”.

EMBER BELLADONNA is the incarnation of the musical ideas of Emma Kramer-Rodger, a classical flute player who grew up listening to metal music, who has 20 years of experience playing on her shoulders. Here is presented a form of Folk Metal that is different from the usual due the focus on the flutes (that usually are used on the genre to create ambiences, not having a pivotal role on the music). It could be said more a combination between elements of World Music, New Age and Folk Metal, with a different and melodic appeal than the usual.

All the songs are really excellent, and to have a taste of what is offered, pay attention to the weaving moments heard on “Heart of the Grove” (wow, what lovely tender melodies with flutes entwining with such melodic voices), “The Wild Hunt” (a short and introspective instrumental rich in arrangements), “Ruination” (the presence of the guitars puts a bit more heavier weighty on this one, giving a good temper to the flutes’ parts), “The Grove” (again a melancholic touch is felt though the melodies and arrangements, something that could be easily compared to some moments of ENYA), “Spirit Woman” (an aggressive song filled with extreme snarls and growls on the vocals, with a heavy work of bass guitar and drums) and “The Unnamed”. The only ‘but’ left to say is that “The Grove” could be longer, because the more you hear to it, more you’ll love the album!

Albums as “The Grove” has the feature that makes the mind travels to places and moments that aren’t here anymore, so take a ride on it and praise EMBER BELLADONNA’s music.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"The Grove" Track-listing:
  1. Tenalach
  2. Heart of the Grove
  3. The Wild Hunt
  4. Ruination
  5. The Grove
  6. Spirit Woman
  7. The Unnamed
  8. Heart of the Grove (Instrumental)
Ember Belladonna Lineup:

Emma Kramer-Rodger - Flutes
Justin Bender - Guitars
Saint Zapp - Drums

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