Reaching for the Light


"When Stoner Metal/Rock gains traces of horror films" can be the initial idea of what the band is trying to do.
November 20, 2023

Italy had a vast production for cinemas back in the 50s, 60s and 70s, and in all genres one can think of, especially when dealing with horror movies. And the most famous and infamous is the trilogy “Tre Volti Della Paura” (that had the horror master Boris Karloff acting and was directed by Mario Bava), the 1963 horror film worldly known as “Black Sabbath”. It’s the same film that Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and Bill saw and took the new name for their band, and the rest is story. It’s not a surprise that musical acts in Metal on Italian scene bear influences from both sides (musically and cinematographically), as in the case of the trio DEMONIO (the word means ‘demon’ on Portuguese), as heard on “Reaching for the Light”, their second album. They play a form of Stoner Metal/Rock that is filthy and greasy, fuzzy and distorted, but yet melodic and full of passion.

But one can check that some filthy Space Rock touches can be heard along with some bits from Psychedelic Rock as well (but with different vocals, more melodic than the usual). This is a musical formula that sounds usual for the bands that trails this genre, but that in the hands of the trio gains a different appeal and life. It’s not an album hard to like, even for those that aren’t into Stoner Metal/Rock ways due its charming melodic appeal. The band’s bassist Matteo is the producer and the one who did the mastering of “Reaching the Light” (someone called Luca helped on the mixing as well), as the mastering was done by God of Light. As one can expect, the sonority is crude and organic as the trio entered the studio and played as the album was recorded. Of course this idea isn’t totally right, because the mixing and mastering turned thing understandable. And the lovely work of ZZ Corpse for the cover states what the band plays and the horror films influence their music as well.

As the album plays, one can have the idea that the trio needs more maturing, because their musical ideas are very good, but could be expressed in a better way in the future. But these words don’t tear apart the value and shine of songs as “Heavy Dose” (a fine set of energetic guitar riffs and solos boosts the filthy Stoner Rock appeal of the song), “I’m Free” (the melodic vocals are fitting in a very good way on the rough instrumental sheath, but can be better in the future), “Death Trip” (a strong and bonecrushing work of bass guitar and drums can be heard on this one), and “Reaching for the Light”. Maybe it’s a matter to have a second guitar to give a better degree of freedom to Anthony to sing and play.

For now, “Reaching for the Light” is a very good release in the middle of many others on the genre that can be ignored (due their lack of a personal work). And DEMONIO has more to offer than is shown on the album, but’s a matter of time to set things in a better way.

8 / 10









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"Reaching for the Light" Track-listing:

1. Heavy Dose
2. Fire Guru
3. I’m Free
4. Shiva’s Dance
5. Death Trip
6. Reaching for the Light

Demonio Lineup:

Anthony - Guitars, Vocals
Matteo - Bass
Paolo - Drums

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