Turning Point

Becoming The Lion

And here is a fine release with a mix of influences of Prog Metal, Post-Metal and Alternative Metal.
April 10, 2024

Experimental forms of Metal are just evolution taking its toll and pushing things to the next level. Of course many will stay as they are now, and it’s not a sin (as long as they created their own musical personality), but evolution is here to help, to improve and make things stay alive as they’re by now. And on a modern and experimental trench id the EP “Turning Point”, of the North American act BECOMING THE LION.

A sonority presented is a mix between a defined and clean way with Metal natural distorted appeal. And it fits on what is musically shown with everything on its due place and with very good instrumental tunes. It’s obvious that the embellishment given by Greg Henkin on the recordings, mixing and production; and Justin Perkins on the mastering were done with digital technologies, but that allows the songs to have an organic appeal.

Musically, the songs here depict an experimental form of music that combines elements of Alternative/Progressive Metal and Post-Metal, with a very good technical level, using tender and ethereal ambiences enriched by refined instrumental arrangements. But don’t get the wrong idea: it’s not hard to hear, understand and like what is heard on “Turning Point”. But the greater difference is that the focus of the songs are not on keyboards (that are absent on this EP), but on the guitars, thus creating a different insight on the genre. And it’s truly good to experience the band’s music.

The listeners will deal with contrasts between clean and distorted guitars, heavier and clean ambiences, Progressive Rock and Metal parts and everything else when dealing with songs as “Intentional Liar” (the shifts between distorted and clean parts don’t tear apart its tender appeal), “Great Escape” (here some Pòp Rock and Post-Punk influences in their mix, with a very good and solid work on the rhythms, with some guitar arrangements resembling U2), “Foolish Chameleon” (a tender and introspective song based on a very good work of bass guitar and drums), “Stone’s Throw” (that follows the same tendency of the previous song, but with a more intricate instrumental work), and “Turning Point”.

Well, BECOMING THE LION’s music is a band for all those who have no constrains on music and for Prog Metal, Post-Metal and Alternative Metal fans, but again: it’s not hard to listen to and to like what is shown on “Turning Point”, so why don’t you try to have such an experience?

8 / 10









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"Turning Point" Track-listing:
  1. Intentional Liar
  2. Great Escape
  3. Foolish Chameleon
  4. Stone’s Throw
  5. Turning Point
Becoming The Lion Lineup:

Ross Blomgren - Guitars, Vocals
Greg Henkin - Bass (session)
Craig Borcher - Drums (session)

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