Some bands are in the need of recreate some Metal styles. It's a good thing, […]
June 18, 2016
Zhrine - Unortheta album cover

Some bands are in the need of recreate some Metal styles. It's a good thing, because in this process, you can really create something new, something that will stand for generations to come. And from Iceland, the newcomers from ZHRINE seem to be in this way, as their first album, "Unortheta", is showing.

They are, in essence, a Death/Black Metal band, using a distorted and sinister approach from Black Metal with grunts from Death Metal. But they prefer to use a whole new conception from the style, keeping away from something explosive and brutal as BEHEMOTH or HATE. It's darker, introspective, sometimes seeming the depressive Black Metal bands, but a bit more aggressive, and with some experimental touches (no, you won't find instruments that aren't guitars, bass and drums on this album). Their music can touch your darkened feelings, if it is what you want, but in a different way that you're are used to.

The sound quality is truly raw, harsh to the bones. But a Black Metal fan really cares about it? Especially when the quality used fits on the album's concept?

I believe that it's not a problem, but the quality could be better for the ones that are not used to such raw and darkened atmosphere and instrumental tunes following the same trend.

They have talent, it's clear. But it seems that they have to mature their idea in a better way in the future. For now, songs as the long and bitter "Utopian Warfare" with its very good rhythmic changes (but a shorter intro next time, please), the harsh and abrasive atmosphere presented by "Spewing Gloom" (very good riffs and a good contrast of guttural grunts with shrieked screams) and on the intense "The Syringe Dance" (here, there are contrasts again, but from somber and introspective moments with aggressive ones), and the perfect fusion between the grimness of Black Metal riffs with a brutal approach of Death Metal on "Empire" are good proofs that their best is still to come in a near future.

It's a good band, and a promise for the future.<

7 / 10









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"Unortheta" Track-listing:

1. Utopian Warfare
2. Spewing Gloom
3. The Syringe Dance
4. World
5. Empire
6. The Earth Inhaled
7. Unortheta

Zhrine Lineup:

Þorbjörn - Guitars, Vocals
Nökkvi - Guitars
Ævar - Bass
Stefán - Drums

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