Devouring Darkness


Some musical works seem to come to expand limits of a specific Metal genre. It […]
November 15, 2021
Zetar - Devouring Darkness album cover

Some musical works seem to come to expand limits of a specific Metal genre. It happens when the scene becomes full of bands doing the very same thing, so to be different and creative is an option to try to escape from the tsunami, to be seen and heard and not left aside. And some bands really try in a way that can astonish the fans. And one of these is from ZETAR, an international effort with musicians from the USA, France and Ecuador, and "Devouring Darkness" is the fruit of what the band has to offer.

They are mixing elements from Old School Black Metal and Death Metal in an unconventional way, suing Thrash/Black traces and even using effects and synthesizers. But musically, it's something that (even playing an old Metal genre) sounds really different from the usual. It's aggressive and brutal, but with some unexpected ideas being set in many moments (some elements can be an inheritance of Hard Rock and traditional Heavy Metal). And be prepared, because their music is really an assault of aggressiveness and weight, with a massive energy. The production fits on the model used by many bands of such ways: harsh and crude to create morbid ambiences, but always with a nasty approach on the musical instruments. And to balance their experimental parts with such amount of brutality isn't as simple as it seems, but it worked in a good way. It could be better, but the works of R.G. (on the recordings) and B.M.  (on the mixing and mastering) is good.

The nasty and crude rhythmic contrasts heard on "Return to Talos IV (The Cage)" (that presents very good use of synth parts, and harsh guitar riffs and solos), the morbid ambiences shown on "Demons of Darkness and Air" (another great work on the guitars, but the heavy and solid rhythmic parts of bass guitar and drums are very good), the monumental and abrasive weighty parts of "Lights of Zetar" and of "Landru", and the combination of some experimental elements with classical Thrash/Black Metal approach of "Ardra (Great Deceiver)" are the ones for an presentation to their work.

ZETAR is really a very good name, and maybe with a better sonority in the future, they'll be great. For now, "Devouring Darkness" is really a very good album to enjoy.

8 / 10









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"Devouring Darkness" Track-listing:

1. Devouring Darkness
2. Return to Talos IV (The Cage)
3. Demons of Darkness and Air
4. Portal Six-Three
5. Lights of Zetar
6. Landru
7. Orbital Decay
8. Ardra (Great Deceiver)

Zetar Lineup:

T. P. - Vocals
R. G. - Guitars, Bass, Synth
David Lamas - Drums

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