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In the time we are living now, it's nothing new at all to see bands […]
December 3, 2015
Zedi Forder - 1 album cover

In the time we are living now, it's nothing new at all to see bands trying to run away from established formulas. It's a matter of survival, because no Metal style or even Rock and Roll style can survive without innovations. No, sorry to tell all the 80s Metal clones that this is a truth based upon facts, and not distorted by opinions. No, things must improve, evolution must do its work, and so on, new names can appear, as the English trio ZEDI FORDER, that comes with their first work, the EP "Zedi Forder".

Experimental, but having their musical roots linked to Metal and Hard Rock, their sonority is compact and heavy, with some melodic and hooking moments, but with some aggressive and heavier moments. About their more experimental insight, they are not out of Metal and Rock. No, you won't find some electronic effects or other Industrial Rock on this EP, because, as I said above, they are more focused in use some different Heavy Metal and Hard Rock elements in a personal mix.

Chris Kerley was the producer for the EP, and did the engineering, and mixing of it. The mastering was done by MatrixA (don't ask me who is he/she, please). The result: a good and clear sound quality, being heavy when they need and more clean in the moments. So we can hear clearly that they got very good results on recording sessions.

"Killakarta" is full of extremely heavy riffs and good tempo changes, along with fine melodic vocals. "I'm the One" is short, but full of more tender moments with some aggressive ones, presenting a good work on rhythmic kitchen. On "Nachoman", we can see some influences from Pop Rock on high tune voices, but the whole tender musical atmosphere. And "Time After Time" is another melodic song, but with some extreme moments, and even with the use of melodic and tender vocals, they are fitting pretty good on the song. All of them are good, lasting less than five minutes, so it won't bore you at all.

Very good EP, and they deserve a whole album.

8 / 10


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"1" Track-listing:

1. Killakarta
2. I'm The One
3. Nachoman
4. Time After Time

Zedi Forder Lineup:

Kerl - Vocals, Drums
Mark C. - Guitars
Rich T. - Bass

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