The Last Witness


To be a Death Metal bands with an Old School outfit and still have something […]
August 20, 2016
Zealotry - The Last Witness album cover

To be a Death Metal bands with an Old School outfit and still have something to show that wasn't heard before is a trial for the courageous.

Yes, because someone that really knows the historical moments which are linked to some musical tendencies on the past will be a hard person to appreciate your work. And this idea includes the 90's trend of Death Metal bands, when Sweden, USA (Florida, to be clear) and Netherlands we exporting names that are holy for the maniacs of this extreme and lovely Metal style. But the North American trio ZEALOTRY, from Boston, really learned the lesson. And now they're teaching with their own way. "The Last Witness", their latest album, is an outburst of Old School Death Metal style, but with some tasteful surprises.

Their music is technical, full of different elements (as whispered vocals, and bass guitar playing with a Jazz-orientated influence in many moments of the album), along with the nasty and thunderous ways that Death Metal used to have from 1989 to 1996. Even some melodies can be found on some moments (on the guitars), and some introspective and charming parts. Their music is truly rich, and has personality.

The work on the sound production was done in a good way. X. Berthiaume made a fine work on the mixing and mastering, keeping the filth and rawness of Death Metal of its early times, with a good level of sound clarity. It's truly brutal and nasty, but it's not so dirty to the point that you couldn't understand what they are playing.

Their music is really good, and some guests are presented on the album, as Aodán Collins (who played the bass guitar, and some cello parts), X. Berthiaume (who made some additional vocals on "Silence", and Tommy Parnelle on the choirs on "Progeny Omega".

The multiple Jazz-orientated parts of "Heralding the Black Apostle" (see as the bass is playing some weird and excellent parts, along with introspective and brutal ones that creates a perfect music contrast), the brutal and oppressive "Cybernetic Eucharist" with its nasty vocals and drums, the broken tempos and choirs on "Progeny Omega" (a song where somber and intense moments are creating a good contrast with the brutality of their musical identity), the bitter slow tempos show on "Mutagenesis" and its raw guitars, and the technical and sinister "The Last Witness" (with gothic whispered vocals, and nasty raw guitar riffs) can be said as their finest moments.

They can do better than we hear on "The Last Witness", but by now, ZEALOTRY is a very good name, doing excellent music!

8 / 10









"The Last Witness" Track-listing:

1. Arc of Eradication
2. Heralding the Black Apostle
3. Cybernetic Eucharist
4. Progeny Omega
5. Mutagenesis
6. Yliaster
7. The Last Witness
8. Silence

Zealotry Lineup:

R. Temin - Vocals, guitars
P. Tougas - Guitars, backing vocals
Alex Zalatan - Drums

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