Some reissues are really annoying, and just a waste of time, effort and money. Some […]
November 11, 2015
Xul - Malignance album cover

Some reissues are really annoying, and just a waste of time, effort and money. Some are destined to stay in the grave of good intentions that never were to be seen again on Metal history. But there are the diametric opposites, the ones who deserve to be reminded time and time again, due their importance in Metal history or just because they are so good to be lost under the sands of time. And let's speak the truth: Canadian quintet XUL deserves it a lot, and Redefining Darkness Records gave their first album, "Malignance" the due opportunity. To the band and for us all, I mean.It's brutal and thundering Blackened Death Metal (I really DETEST to type/write/speak to labels...

They are useless to define a band musical work), with all that velocities and musical aggressiveness that extreme Metal fans love. But hold your horses, because there are thinking minds behind their musical work. Yes, the musical arrangements sometimes are full of personality, and some technical touches that turn their album a very good experience for us all. Be prepared to be engulfed by a hellish whirlwind of insane riffs, sickening solos, thunderous rhythmic kitchen and guttural grunts as you never was before.

Originally, "Malignance" was produced by the band itself along with Jeff Bryan, wh did the engineering along with Mike Taylor. The remastering was done by Ken Sorceron (yes, the same one from ABIGAIL WILLIANS), so be prepared, because the sound quality is very good, keeping the band's musical work as ferocious and thundering as it was, but with a better sound quality, being clean when it needs. And as a reissue, it got a new cover, created by Remy Cuveillier. And there's a bonus: an unreleased track, "Venomous Inquisition".

It's not a perfect album, because XUL can go further into their own style and find more to show us. But to be honest, they are excellent, and songs as the thunderous "Mastication Of Putrescent Empyrean Remains" (where some brutal melodies arise in some points of the guitar riffs), the precious gem called "Winter's Reign" (what fantastic and excellent tempo changes in this instrumental song, melodic inserts from keyboards, and hear how the rhythmic session is perfect here), and the violent storm of musical chaos called "Hordes Of Black" (very good grunts, indeed). But remember: they can do way better than we hear on this album.

For now, "Malignance" is an excellent album.

8 / 10


"Malignance" Track-listing:

1. Battlestorm
2. Mastication Of Putrescent Empyrean Remains
3. Porta Noctis
4. Vengeance
5. Winter's Reign
6. Hordes Of Black
7. Incinerate The Earth
8. Tomb Of Tyrants
9. Venomous Inquisition

Xul Lineup:

Levi Meyers - Vocals
Bill Ferguson - Vocals & Rhythm Guitars
Wallace Huffman - Lead Guitars
Marlow Deiter - Bass
Lowell Winters - Drums

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