Like a Snake


To be different is a demand to earn some commercial success. And it's a truth […]
July 20, 2019
X-Plicit - Like a Snake album cover

To be different is a demand to earn some commercial success. And it's a truth even today, when the illegal downloads are killing the musical business. No one can live off others in music, because at any moment, all the fans can leave the band aside when this truth becomes known. But the Italian quartet X-PLICIT seems to understand how a musical personality is important, because even not doing anything new on "Like a Snake", their insight is really very good.

It's an ass-kicking Hard/Glam Metal form of music, full of energy and really heavy. Yes, these guys really plays hard 'n' heavy, like SKID ROW did on "Slave to the Grind" days: heavy, melodic and accessible, and their work really shows a musical strength that isn't something that one can leave aside. Yes, they still have a long way to go and need some maturing, but are in the right path. The production worked in a way to make their music sound clean and with defined tunes on the musical instruments. But the weight and aggressiveness presented on the songs is something that really calls the attention of the listener. Obviously it was something done on the past, but works in a fine way on such modern outfit.

Ten very good songs were recorded for "Like a Snake", each one of them having its own appeal. But the sensual boogie energy of "Hell is Open" (very good work on vocals and guitars), the bittersweet and aggressive touch heard on "The Great Show"and on "You Don't Have to Be Afraid", the abrasive modern feeling and excellent work on bass guitar and drums of "Shake Up Your Life", the accessible "Deep of My Soul", and the modern Groove touch on "Like a Snake" are their best shots. But the entire album is very good.

Some evolution will make their work better in the future, but for now, "Like a Snake" is truly a very good album.

8 / 10









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"Like a Snake" Track-listing:

1. Hell is Open
2. The Great Show
3. You Don't Have to Be Afraid
4. Shake Up Your Life
5. Deep of My Soul
6. I'm Original
7. Free
8. Angel
9. Don't Close this Bar Tonight
10. Like a Snake

X-Plicit Lineup:

Simone Zuccarini - Vocals
Andrea Lanza - Guitars
Sa Talarico - Bass
Giorgio Annoni - Drums

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