Stories To Forget

Words Of Farewell

“Stories To Forget” is a bag of everything ranging from heavy and powerful to overly melodic and melancholic parts
May 20, 2024

WORDS OF FAREWELL were formed in 2006 and they are from Marl, Germany. The melodic Death Metal band released so far three full-length albums and now their fourth EP. “Stories To Forget” was mixed and mastered by Sebastian Sendon (BLEED FROM WITHIN). It has a length of about 25 minutes, and it is an independent release. The EP starts with the epic “A Lesser King”. The riffing is very powerful at mid-tempo during the verse parts. There are a few electronic effects enhancing the sound. The chorus parts are slower at a measured tempo with dark and melancholic melodies. The vocals are growls and range around the medium end of the guttural range. The keyboards play an important part of the track’s melodic framework as the arrangements enrich the darkness of the melodies. The title track starts with an atmospheric verse part at mid-tempo. It is again a track with switching tempo, where the chorus parts are at a measured tempo with epic melodies. The overall sound is mainly driven by a mixture of guitar riffing and keyboards, where the keyboards are overly prominent at times. The melodies are grim and at times melancholic. “Stories To Forget” has been released as video, and the YouTube link is provided below.

Parting Ways” starts with a tension-building pre-lude transitioning into a fast and dynamic verse part. The track is a mixture of faster and mid-tempo parts. There are in fact many twists and turns in tempo and rhythm. “Parting Ways” has more complexity in the song structure compared to the other tracks. The keyboards are again very prominent at times. Highlight of the track is the contributing lead guitar solo. “Mono No Aware” starts with an acoustic guitar intro leading into thunderous riffing at measured tempo. It is a long build-up to the first verse part, which is driven by the powerful riffing with the keyboard arrangements in the background supporting the grim atmosphere of the track. The vocals during the chorus parts have additional clean vocal support. The melodies are again dark and melancholic. The EP ends with “This Mirage My Likeness” and the track starts with a keyboard intro leading into a keyboard ad guitar driven instrumental part introducing the main melody of the track. “This Mirage My Likeness” is a bit of a weird one as many different styles and inspirations are thrown into the pot ranging from progressive Rock to Groove Metal and melodic Metal. From a songwriting perspective, the track is probably the highlight of the EP, from a listener’s perspective, I would have wished for a heavier and more powerful track.

The new release of WORDS OF FAREWELL leaves me with mixed feelings. “Stories To Forget” is a bag of everything ranging from heavy and powerful to overly melodic and melancholic parts. I think the keyboard arrangements are too prominent at the expense of the guitars. That leaves the sound in the middle of melodic Death Metal and a mix of other genres, often more towards the latter one. The EP has a strong and powerful start but cannot keep up with that at a later stage. The EP is well produced. Stories To Forget” will have its share of fans, however, will it become a release to be remembered? I am not sure about it.

7 / 10









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"Stories To Forget" Track-listing:
  1. A Lesser King  
  2. Stories To Forget
  3. Parting Ways
  4. Mono No Aware
  5. This Mirage My Likeness
Words Of Farewell Lineup:

Alexander Otto Vocals

Erik Gaßmus Guitars, Vocals

Robin Dirks Guitars

Tristan Wegner Drums

Leo Wichmann Keyboards

Konstantin Voßhoff Bass


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