I Am the Night

Wizard Death

A great 'father to son' relationship allowed this excellent US Metal EP to be born!
April 3, 2024

During many years, the old formula of US Metal was lost in the past. It seemed that the coming of Alternative Metal and Grunge Rock in the early 90s killed it, for it disappeared from sight for many years. Today, older acts are coming back, and new ones are rising every day. And one good beginner is WIZARD DEATH, from Fort Wayne (Indiana), here with a 3-songs EP, “I Am the Night”.

US Metal is anything else than a personal formula of play traditional Heavy Metal practiced by North American bands, a formula that binds together influences of Hard Rock (shown on the hooking choruses and accessible melodies), the energy and weight of JUDAS PRIEST (especially on the vocals, besides NWOBHM traces can be heard as well), and a refined technical appeal (maybe “Blizzard of Ozz” can depict it, once Randy Rhoads playing is a proof of such words, for this album is seminal for US Heavy Metal school). All these traces can be heard on the band’s music, full of energy and excellent hooks. And besides the band is just beginning, it’s a truly promising form of music.

The EP was recorded at TKS Studios, being mixed by Rob Wrong at Wrong Way Recordings. The sonority is good, indeed (besides it sounds as ‘plastic’ sometimes, due the need for something organic with modern technological work), but the band’s music deserves more. And the artwork of David Paul Seymour (art of the cover) and David Jaggar (layout) complete things. Oh, Kyle Smith on the drums, Kayla Dixon on the vocals on “I Am the Night”, and Rob Wrong on the lead guitar on “Slay the Serpents” are the special guests on the EP.

This EP depicts as a ‘father to son’ relationship can be healthy (Tim is Alex’s father), and as love for Metal is a familiar matter sometimes. And “I Am the Night” (a thunderous and heavy song in a NWOBHM/JUDAS PRIEST trend, full of energy and that old and good 80s feeling on the instrumental construction), “Under the Southern Cross” (another very good Heavy Metal song, here with a subjective epic touch, and Hard Rock melodies can be clearly heard), and “Slay the Serpents” (a heavier song with slower rhythms, but filled with an amazing and catchy energy) is proof that a very good name is arising in North American lands.

“I Am the Night” is just the beginning, so much can be expected from WIZARD DEATH.

8 / 10









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"I Am the Night" Track-listing:
  1. I Am the Night
  2. Under the Southern Cross
  3. Slay the Serpent
Wizard Death Lineup:

Alexander Kenefic - Vocals
Tim Kenefic - Guitars, Bass
Kyle Smith - Drums (session)

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