Out of the Dark

Wig Wam

Everyone knows that Black Metal was the battering ram Metal genre that showed the world […]
April 19, 2023
Wig Wam - Out of the Dark album cover

Everyone knows that Black Metal was the battering ram Metal genre that showed the world that Norway had a Metal/Rock scene that could offer good music to the world. Today, it's not so hard to find bands that aren't into extreme Metal genres in the Norwegian scene, and one fine example is the quartet WIG WAM that is releasing its new album, "Out of the Dark". Essentially, the band plays a form of Glam Metal/Hard Rock, but here in a form that is heavy and oppressive, and even with influences of other genres (as the Gothic Rock/Post Punk traces heard in the title track, or some Country Rock touches heard on "Forevermore"), but without losing the melodic accessibility and hooks of the genre.

It's a ferine and melodic form of music that brings some Sleaze Rock elements, or in other words, it's clear that this album is for fans of that abrasive form of acts as MÖTLEY CRUE, DOKKEN, QUIET RIOT and others who mixed the melodies and chorus that are easy to remember and sing along with the band, but always in a massive flow of energy and weight. Yes, it's very good, indeed. For such album, the sonority must be in a way near of what can be heard on albums as "Metal Health" or "Girls, Girls, Girls", or in other words, something that aligns weight, aggressiveness and melodies in the same proportions. And things worked in such way for the band, because things are clear and defined, but allowing a massive flux of energy and weight, with very good instrumental tunes.

Some radical fans can complain about the alien elements heard on "Out of the Dark", but the album's value can't be denied by anyone (even for haters). And for a first time on such pearl, the indicated ones are "Out of the Dark" (the Gothic Rock/Post Punk elements enrich its melodies, and it sounds as a heavy Arena Rock theme, with very good guitars and excellent chorus), "High and Dry" (it's a modern Hard/Glam Metal song that brings to the mind of the fan some elements usual for late 80's bands, as the non-exaggerated speed and catchy gluing melodies, presenting very good vocals and backing vocals), "Forevermore" (an accessible and charming song with very good Country Rock and Arena Rock elements), "Bad Luck Chuck" and "Ghosting You" (both are accessible songs as well, but presenting some raw 'n' dirty Rock 'n' Roll traces on the guitars, and with a massive and solid playing of bass guitar and drums), "The Purpose" (a ballad that is tender and melodic, with very good vocals and six strings presence, and what a lovely chorus), "The American Dream" (a frantic and hooking set of melodies can be heard, and another great chorus can be heard), and "God by Your Side", that will do the due presentations.

For now, it's great to hear an album as "Out of the Dark", and to praise the work of WIG WAM. Haters will complain, but they're not enough to unbalance things or distort the truth.

10 / 10









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"Out of the Dark" Track-listing:

1. Out of the Dark
2. High and Dry
3. Forevermore
4. Bad Luck Chuck
5. Uppercut Shazam
6. Ghosting You
7. The Purpose
8. The American Dream
9. 79
10. God by Your Side
11. Sailor and the Desert Sun

Wig Wam Lineup:

Åge "Glam" Sten Nilsen - Vocals
Trond "Teeny" Holter - Guitars
Bernt "Flash" Jansen - Bass
Øystein "Sporty" Andersen - Drums

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