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Please, allow this old Metalhead to write a personal opinion: I'm really happy for this […]
October 18, 2018
White Widdow - Victory album cover

Please, allow this old Metalhead to write a personal opinion: I'm really happy for this rebirth of Glam Metal/AOR on these last years. It's because in the 80's, I was drowned on radical Metal views, and when I became free of it, the genre was going down due Grunge Rock/Alternative Rock raid on USA, so I couldn't enjoy those days as much as I could. That's the reason for I resist against radical ideas in anyway on Metal as well. And with your mind free of "true Metal" conceptions, you can enjoy excellent works as "Victory", the latest album from Australian quintet WHITE WIDDOW.

It's amazing to hear a band that has the same DNA of names from the past like FOREIGNER, WHITE LION, GIUFFRIA (due the very good and accessible insight used on the backing vocals), NIGHT RANGER and others, because along with a fine on bass and drums, charming vocals and great keyboards parts, we have a virtuous playing on guitar in the same vein of Eddie Van Halen on the solos. But my words mean that the entire band acts like a solid unity, so be prepared for amazing melodies, great choruses with strategic backing vocals, and some Pop Rock influences. Yes, they're pretty good, and this album is a fine experience for our ears.

On the sound production, we can say that they hit the target with an atomic bomb. It's clear and truly modern, bringing their way of play to our times, but always keeping fine instrumental tunes, and producer made efforts to make all musical instruments equally hearable. Of course you have that dirty touch that Rock albums have, but it can be imperceptible for many. They're here to mark your heart with their music, so be prepared for 10 excellent songs. "Victory" with its charming melodies and vocals, "Fight for Love" and this accessible impact (and a strong work from the rhythmic session of the band, along with great backing vocals), that charming and gluing melodies of AOR that "Second Hand Heart" bears (what lovely keyboard and guitars parts), that "down-and-out" kick of "Late Night Liason" (charming harmonies and backing vocals that will sound on your mind for days), the perfect AOR/Pop atmosphere that "Danced in the Moonlight" bears, the mix between the past elements of AOR with a modern aesthetics heard on "Reach Up", and the seduction made music called "America" are their finest shots, but be prepared to be hit by all of them.

How I'd love to live in Europe, USA or other country, because as I like physical media, I would buy all of their albums. So if you have money, buy a copy of "Victory", and let WHITE WIDDOW take you on a voyage through time, to an era where joy and fun were the limit.

10 / 10









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"Victory" Track-listing:

1. Victory
2. Fight for Love
3. Second Hand Heart
4. Late Night Liason
5. Danced in the Moonlight
6. Love and Hate
7. Reach Up
8. Anything
9. America
10. Run and Hide

White Widdow Lineup:

Jules Millis - Vocals
Enzo Almanzi - Guitars
Xavier Millis - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Ben Webster - Bass
Gavin Hill - Drums

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