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Old school Metal bands stands in two distinct groups: the ones that really are boring, […]
December 22, 2013
Whipstriker - Troopers Of Mayhem album cover

Old school Metal bands stands in two distinct groups: the ones that really are boring, doing nothing reliable, and those who do fine works. There's no middle term. And in the second group is the Brazilian trio WHIPSTRIKER, which come with their second album, "Troopers of Mayhem".

They do that same Metal/Punk fusion from earlier 80, having inspiration in names like WARFARE, VOIVOD, TANK and even BATHORY (from their first two albums), with a more modern approach: it's raw, dirty, sometimes fast, other slower and heavy, but always with lots of energy. Good harsh voices in a more "Lemmynian" way, very good guitar riffs and solos, and a strong and powerful bass-drums work. Nothing new at all, but very good and catching.

Recorded at Ultra Violence Studios, in Rio de Janeiro, with Whipstriker (the band's leader) doing the production, and the mastering duties done by APOKALYPTIC RAIDS vocalist/guitarist Necromaniac, the sound is raw to the core, but not in a way that we couldn't hear the instruments. The artwork is done in 256 shades of gray shaping their music perfectly.

In musical terms, "Troopers of Mayhem" is superior to their first album, "Crude Rock'n'Roll", having its best tracks in the fast and furious "Troopers of Mayhem" (excellent riffs and very good vocals), "Lucifer Set Me Free" (sour to the core, good solos and bass work), "Genocide Now!" (this song is pure BATHORY from "The Return.." era, having a good bass and drums work), the dirty and slower "Murder in VM Street" (having the special guests Ananda Luiza and Poisonhell, from FARSCAPE, ATOMIC ROAR, HELLKOMMANDER and SODOMIZER on the screams), and the fast "Backward Progress".

These old school Metal guys are in the right way, and they'll have a great future evolving in this way: without losing their personality.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Troopers Of Mayhem" Track-listing:

1. Troopers of Mayhem
2. We Came from the Wild Lands
3. Lucifer Set Me Free
4. Genocide Now!
5. These Grey Days
6. Murder in VM Street
7. Streetrap
8. Backward Progress

Whipstriker Lineup:

Victor Whipstriker - Bass, vocals
Leo - Guitars
Pedro - Drums

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