Digitus Impudicus


What a lovely album! Ok, sometimes the bands who tries to sound like the 80's […]
March 30, 2014
Whip - Digitus Impudicus album cover

What a lovely album!

Ok, sometimes the bands who tries to sound like the 80's do disgusting albums, but on the case of Norwegian trio WHIP, the thing is way good, and their first album "Digitus Impudicus" is a very good kick in the face, a breaking teeth blow.

It's a Black / Thrash work, sounding as HELLHAMMER on guitars, but they are really creative in the album, breathing life on their music, and using the style's clichés in a form that really is good. Great vocals (sometimes remind DARKTHRONE's "Nocturnal Culto"), abrasive and strong guitar riffs, and a strong and heavy rhythmic basis, with good technique level. And the album sounds aggressive and not boring, nor does the feel of moldy thing come to us.

The production is done in a way to keep the abrasive and harsh sound they want all the time, but it's not dirty in a way to sound "smoky" when music plays, and you'll hear all the instruments with no difficulties (the bass in some moments is doing brilliant accords, so you can have the idea of how clean the sound is). And the presence of Apollyon (from AURA NOIR) doing some vocals gives the album a particular shine.

All the album is very good, but their finest songs are the blasting "Sickling", the more 80's "Demon Rum" (hear the good bass accords here, as well great guitar riffs), the thunderbolt called "Razor-fucked" (great drums here!), "Terrorsatan" (with very extreme moments), the more Hardcore Metal "You Can Rot", "Feed Them Razors (Reign In Hell)" and the unholy hammer "Uh! (Unholy Death Upon You All!)".

It's so good, and we can expect great things from these three Hell Beasts.

8 / 10


"Digitus Impudicus" Track-listing:

1. Sickling
2. Demon Rum
3. The Grand Sadistic Feasting
4. Razor-fucked
5. Halo of Hate
6. Family Massacre
7. The Beast
8. Terrorsatan
9. You Can Rot
10. Hellhound
11. Feed Them Razors (Reign in Hell)
12. Death and Fear
13. Uh! (Unholy Death Upon You All!)

Whip Lineup:

Mister Fister - Vocals, Bass
Sturt - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Cristoffer "Kikken" Risbakk Vegsund - Drums

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