Dark Passengers

When Reasons Collapse

Well, the mix between Death Metal and Metalcore is becoming a tendency into extreme Metal […]
February 1, 2015
When Reasons Collapse - Dark Passengers album cover

Well, the mix between Death Metal and Metalcore is becoming a tendency into extreme Metal scene. Maybe a trend that will pass soon or later, but in the flood we saw now, only the strong can overcome the trials to expose their works to as many people as they can. And nowadays, even with the aid of internet and media, it's still hard path to be in. But I believe that the French quintet WHEN REASONS COLLAPSE can overcome all the barriers and show the world what they are up to. And their first album "Dark Passengers", is a proof of what you ol' Big Daddy here is saying.

They have a very good work in hands, and they know how to put the elements of this mix along with no problems. And they have a very good musical insight, with excellent instrumental basis (good guitars, very good bass and drums, with weight and technique in their due proportions), and the vocals are a great surprise: behind the growls and aggressive grunts, is a female vocalist, Cristina. And she sings better than many male vocalists in the genre. But she is just a part of a very good work.

In terms of sound quality, it's that modern Metalcore way of quality, abrasive and heavy, but as clear as water, for we all can understand each little detail on their work. And there are many to hear here!

Their ten songs are really fine. Of course, this is their first album, and they have a good way to go and to become more suitable to face the giants of Metalcore, but they are in a very good level in this first album.

Songs like "No Time for Regrets", "When Reasons Collapse", "Come to Me" and "Bitterness and Grief" are proofs to mine words. They can really astonish you, and become great in a near future.

Very, very good!

8 / 10


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"Dark Passengers" Track-listing:

1. All Roads Lead to Chaos
2. No Time for Regrets
3. Breaking The Silence
4. When Reasons Collapse
5. Past in Peace
6. Come to Me
7. Our Way to Oblivion
8. Doomsday
9. Bitterness and Grief
10. Anesidora
11. Dark Passenger

When Reasons Collapse Lineup:

Cristina - Vocals
Thierry - Guitars
Julien - Guitars
Michaël - Bass
Guillaume - Drums

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