The Crushed Harmony

Weeping Birth

We only know a little aboutthe very few bands on the Metal scene on Switzerland. […]
December 11, 2015
Weeping Birth - The Crushed Harmony album cover

We only know a little aboutthe very few bands on the Metal scene on Switzerland. The country was never as a great warehouse for Metal, because just few names came from the land of the Swiss Alps. But to be honest, names as HELLHAMMER, CELTIC FROST, (and the new band from Thomas Gabriel Fischer, former guitarist/vocalist from both bands, called TRIPTYKON is another excellent name) and CORONER are enough to witness that quantity doesn't mean quality, for these three names are really very important on worldwide Metal scene. In these times we are living by now, with better conditions, to see good names coming from there is not a difficult thing. As WEEPING BIRTH is where to proof my words. Their third album, "The Crushed Harmony", is a good proof of the potential of Swiss scene.

The band is, actually, a one man band from Vladimir Cochet (that also has another projects as MIRRORTHRONE and UNHOLY MATRIMONY). And on this band, he uses a brutal insight on Death Metal with some influences from Black Metal here and there, but under the oppressive brutality and speed, we can hear a good technical insight and even some pretty melodies. I must say that the band's work is not the newest thing on Earth, but it has its own value and personality. And of course, it's very good.

The production of "The Crushed Harmony" is very, very good, indeed. A clear sound quality can be heard, so the brutality  is in great evidence, because in this way, the musical instruments can be heard at their best, and using abusive aggressive tunes.

It's good to hear how their musical elements flows with spontaneous aggressiveness, not being brutal just for being this way, but as a consequence of the music itself. The album is extremely homogeneous in term of songs, but "Atonality" (a song with many rhythmic changes) with its very good guitar riffs, "A Surface" (a well constructed song, above very good, and sometimes melodic and elegant guitars), the brilliant "Sunburnt" (sometimes, when the guitar solos appears, it gives me the idea of how the style from Randy Rhoads would be on extreme Metal), "Life In A Blood Spasm" with its more abrasive way (very good guttural vocals, and the tempos alternate between fast ones with some on a slower form), the explosive "Hollow" and the sinister and slower "The Crushed Harmony" can be name as their best moments. But the album is something excellent as a whole.

A brain crushing album, so hear it and get deaf!<

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"The Crushed Harmony" Track-listing:

1. Atonality
2. A Surface
3. Resurrection Of Resentment
4. Sunburnt
5. Hatefilled
6. Meant To Be Wrecked
7. Life In A Blood Spasm
8. Hollow
9. The Crushed Harmony

Weeping Birth Lineup:

Vladimir Cochet - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming

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