Ghosts of War

Weapon UK

When people talk about the NWOBHM, an idea must be clear: those days were not […]
September 13, 2019
Weapon UK - Ghosts of War album cover

When people talk about the NWOBHM, an idea must be clear: those days were not fair with some excellent names. The great number of bands turned things difficult, because the great labels weren't interested in Metal, and the little independent labels couldn't put so much money into all the bands. But things happened in a way that bands that could surpass IRON MAIDEN or DEF LEPPARD were sent into oblivion, and these words aren't a joke. Luckily today, some of them are returning to leave a record as a testimony of their existence. WEAPON UK is one of them, a London based quartet that released only two Demo Tapes on the past, and after some tries to reunite and be back on the road, they're active since 2012, and finally, they're releasing their first album, "Ghosts of War".

They play a fine mix between Heavy Metal with Hard Rock influences from the 70's, the usual from that time (remind that NWOBHM isn't a musical genre, but a musical movement). Yes, on their work you won't find something that wasn't done before, but their hearts pulse on each song, giving them a strong personality, and the way they play is full of energy and life, something that will hook the fans. Melodic, full of energy and really heavy, they're here to stay, and are sounding better than some giants that are living on their comfort zones (those bands that are living off their past, releasing albums that aren't on the level of their classic ages).

The band uses a sound quality that sounds a blend between the crude sound of the past with some modern outfit, in a way that allows their music to be understood, but to sound in a vintage way, organic and analogical. Maybe a better work could have be done, but it's good by now. The sharp and aggressive guitars shown on "Ghosts of War" (fine melodies and very good chorus), the Hard Rock weight of "Queen of the Ride" (excellent work from bass guitar and drums, keeping the weight, but allowing the rhythm to be full of groove), the heavy and bitter ambiance of "Sea of Hope" and of "Emerald God" (this one shows catchy crude melodies), the accessible dirty touches on "All I Need", and the spontaneous feeling that fills "'79 Revisited" are their best moments. But the band must set the vocals in a better way, because they're not 100% fitting on their musical (just a matter of shows and rehearsals, and not of firing Danny, because he has a good voice).

WEAPON UK must be praised for the courage, and finally, their musical work becomes immortalized on "Ghost of War". Hear it and take a travel back in time.

8 / 10









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"Ghosts of War" Track-listing:

1. Ghosts of War
2. Queen of the Ride
3. Redman
4. Sea of Hope
5. Emerald God
6. Tourniquet
7. All I Need
8. Hell on Earth
9. '79 Revisited
10. G.O.W. Reprise (Bonus track)

Weapon UK Lineup:

Danny Hynes - Vocals
Jeff Summers - Guitars, Vocals
Tony Forsythe - Bass, Vocals
Darren Lee - Drums

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