Waste a Saint

What about some melodic and fuzzy fusion between Classic Rock, Acid Rock with a taste of the 70s?
June 14, 2024

Since the comeback of older tendencies of the 60s and 70s (a consequence of Grunge Rock and Alternative Rock of the 90s, a feature started by JANE’S ADDICTION), more and more bands searched for the pure forms of the past, with filthy and organic sound based on charming melodies and Psychedelic elements. Many bands did, many failed, and some released very good works. And on the side of the ‘good bands’ is the Norwegian quartet WASTE A SAINT, here with their full-length “Ravenous”.

It can be said as a band with focus on an organic and old fashioned way into classic rock, and the use of labels as Psychedelic Rock, Acid Rock, Space Rock are useful to describe their musical work. But one must pay attention that they have a strong personality pulsing on their songs, what makes things really valuable. Fine vocals, very good guitar riffs and arrangements and solid rhythmic work from bass guitar and drums is what they offer to create very good songs with charming melodies, that ‘filthy’ ambience and with choruses that are hard to resist once heard. Yes, it’s very good, indeed.

If you want to feel the power of their musical work, all the 8 songs are excellent, but “Schizofriendia” (an intense groove can be heard on its melodies and guitars, and some Progressive Rock influences appear, buit having in mind that they use a weighty appeal), “Sore Spot” (a ‘way-down’ set of melodic hooks can be heard on this one, and what great chorus, and the vocals are excellent), “C.M.T.L” (that follows the same tendency of the previous one, with something dirty inherited from BLACK SABBATH in some moments arising from bass guitar and drums’ works), “Broadside (their simultaneous Discharge)” (powerful melodies can be heard on this one, with charming ‘darkened’ touches), and the long, tender and expressive “Avoid My Wits” are the right set.

The album was recorded at Sørgården studio on June 2023, having Per Borten taking care of the sound desk. The idea was to have something organic in a classic Rock of the 70s way. But it’s not hard to understand what the band expresses on its songs. In reality, is pretty easy, it’s a matter of getting used. As of this review, one can have an idea: WASTE A SAINT isn’t just a name that is here ‘just-to-be-another-one’, but have talent and potential to have higher flights. Listen to “Ravenous” and check it out.

8 / 10









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"Ravenous" Track-listing:
  1. Schizofriendia
  2. Sore Spot
  3. C.M.T.L.
  4. Femme Fatale
  5. Dryads
  6. Broadside (their simultaneous Discharge)
  7. Avoid My Wits
  8. Aeronaut
Waste a Saint Lineup:

Bogey Steffansdottir - Vocals
Alex Skomakerstuen - Guitars
Ole Nogva - Bass
Hallvard Løberg Näsvell - Drums

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