Pure Purge

Warfield Within

“Pure Purge” is predominantly a Death Metal release with a Thrash Metal twist
April 24, 2024

WARFIELD WITHIN hailing from Mönchengladbach, Germany were formed in 2005. They remained active until 2013 and then from 2019 onwards. They play a mixture of technical Thrash Metal and Death Metal. After releasing two full-length albums, “Pure Purge” is their first EP. It has a length of about 23 minutes, and it is an independent release. The opening track “Zeitgeist” is a fast track with direct and aggressive Thrash Metal riffing, plenty of double-bass drumming, and crunching basslines. There are a few Death Metal vibes added to the track and they come via the vocals. While the vocals during the verse parts are harsh and are around the medium end of the vocal range, there are deep-lying growls during the chorus parts of the song. “Zeitgeist” is a short and pummeling affair, and it was officially uploaded on YouTube with the link provided below. More Death Metal inspirations are part of “In My Domain” right from the beginning with the hammering double-bass and blast-beat thunderstorms. The riffing has also more Death Metal vibes and this creates a spine-chilling atmosphere throughout the track. It is a mixture of mid-tempo and measured tempo with a stomping rhythm, especially during the break. While “Zeitgeist” is more the aggressive Thrash Metal track, “In My Domain” focuses on the darkness of the Death Metal abyss. The relentless Death Metal hammering continues in “One Belief” with the combination of double-bass and blast-beats. The vocals are the deep growls accompanied by punishing riffs at a measured tempo. The atmosphere of the track is blood-freezing with the dark melodies provided by the guitars. “One Belief” is one of the highlights of the EP.

Godlike” is a fast Thrash Metal track with the genre-typical tight riffing. The vocals are again harsh vocals as in the opening track, however, there are a few deep growls added. Even though, “Godlike” is Thrash Metal at its base, there are a few Death Metal elements added and very prominent during the track. While the Thrash Metal parts are played blisteringly fast, the Death Metal parts come at mid-tempo at a head-banging rhythm and the sound during those parts is much darker compared to the more aggressive Thrash parts. “World War III” is another Death Metal hammering with devastating riffs, bludgeoning blast-beats, and the deep growls. There are a few twists and turns in tempo in rhythm ranging from fast, blast-beat driven parts to a slow tempo at a sluggish rhythm driven by the double-bass. The song textures are a bit more complex compared to most songs on the release. The EP finishes with the title track and it starts with a grim instrumental part at a stomping rhythm, transitioning into a track at a measured tempo with crushing basslines and thunderous riffing. There are again many changes in tempo and rhythm, however, what sticks in mind is that “Pure Purge” is a steamroller and surely another highlight of the release.

WARFIELD WITHIN deliver an excellent mixture of Thrash Metal and traditional Death Metal with brutal Death Metal and Deathcore elements. “Pure Purge” lives from the intensity, brutality, and darkness of the Death Metal sound of the release. It is all excellently kept together by the vocals, where vocalist Sebastian Meisen is capable to perform both, great Thrash vocals and brutal Death Metal growls. The EP is well produced. I would say “Pure Purge” is predominantly a Death Metal release and fans of Death Metal who like a Thrash Metal twist will be delighted with the release.


9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Pure Purge" Track-listing:
  1. Zeitgeist
  2. In My Domain
  3. One Belief
  4. Godlike
  5. World War III
  6. Pure Purge
Warfield Within Lineup:

Sebastian Meisen Vocals

Felix Kautz Guitars

Chris Neumann Guitars, Bass

Selim Karakoc Drums

Thomas Felauer Bass

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